Data lifecycle management

Automate your file share content lifecycle management. Move content from legacy file shares to cool storage based on custom business rules to reduce storage costs, improve quality, and enhance compliance. Ensure simple eDiscovery with a full-text index of archived content.

Lifecycle automation

Automate content preservation, retention and deletion with customizable policies to enforce compliance.

Cost reduction

Reduce storage costs. Archive end-of-life content to more cost-effective storage systems, such as cloud or cool storage.

Records management

Maintain archived file share content in accordance with your records and information retention policies.

Simple eDiscovery

Keep a full-text index of archived content for the simple eDiscovery of end users, Business owners, and Business managers.

Ss Hybrid File Share Archiver

Archive, manage, & optimize your data

Capture data based on simple business rules. Delete or retain data on legacy systems, then move it to long-term cool storage. Keep a full-text index of archived content for simple eDiscovery.

Identify data

Configure custom business rules using age, creator, or tags created by Compliance Guardian to find content to archive

Archive data

Retire files and folders on legacy file shares and home drives, preserving all properties and metadata

Retention policy

Apply retention rules to preserve or remove content in compliance with information management policies

Data storage

Store archived content in any Net Share or Azure Storage, or move data across storage systems as retention periods expire

Just so easy

End users maintain a seamless experience with the use of stubs, or links for quick access and on-demand recovery options

Delegate control

Provide business users with a full-text index of archived content and easy download with a security-trimmed portal

Don’t give your file shares the cold shoulder. Let your files chill with the cool kids.

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