Unify enterprise content

Securely share file shares and cloud storage resources. Content that’s connected by DocAve will be transparent to SharePoint through existing or customizable libraries. Manage connected content with SharePoint's document management functions.

Integrate SharePoint

Provide end users with access to all enterprise digital assets by seamlessly presenting file share content in SharePoint

Bypass migration

Avoid disruptive migration projects and reduce the amount of data stored on SQL Server databases to trim costs

Content management

Use SharePoint’s powerful document management features on all enterprise content distributed in other storage devices

Access blocked content

Display large files, rich media, and file types blocked by SharePoint as links, and let users view and download there

Connector UI for SharePoint content

Connect file shares to SharePoint

With DocAve Connector for SharePoint, users can collaborate on network file shares and cloud storage resources directly through SharePoint without migrating content.

BLOB utilization

Connect content distributed in legacy systems to SharePoint via Microsoft’s external binary large object (BLOB) storage

Manage documents

Associate file share data with any of SharePoint’s native permissions as well as standard and customized metadata fields

End-user sync

Allow end users with proper permissions to synchronize an entire library or a single file from the SharePoint interface

Main dashboard

Easily track and locate connected libraries using a centralized management console and dashboard for quick insight

DocAve integration

Fully integrate with DocAve storage optimization products to clean, archive, and tier legacy data storage systems

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