MIND ID Protects 8 TB of Data in M365, Delivers Easy Self-Service and Point-in-Time Restore with AvePoint Cloud Backup

Success Highlights

Quick, comprehensive recovery of M365 data
Granular restore capabilities
Self-service tools for users
Strong security and peace of mind
Plans to expand M365 seats/backup
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Customer Location Jakarta, Indonesia

Industry Mining

Platform Microsoft 365

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Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) is Indonesia’s mining industry holding company comprising PT ANTAM Tbk, PT Bukit Asam, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero), and PT Timah Tbk.

The organization seeks new ways in which to acquire, study, and manage the enormous potential of Indonesia’s mineral and coal resources — as well as to develop its processing industry and to market a variety of mineral products as vital resources.

Critical Needs

  • Backup and restore for M365
  • Point-in-time data recovery
  • Scalability with data growth
  • Improved user experience

The Challenge

Following a separation between its holding function and operating functions in 2017, MIND ID continues to grow into a strategic holding company that oversees all state-owned mining companies.

That means more users — and data — in Microsoft 365 to manage.

Protecting critical files to ensure easy and accurate recovery is important to the MIND ID, which currently has 100 people using Microsoft 365 for their work. Keeping current with the latest collaboration technologies is also a key objective.

“Our mission is to improve cost competitiveness with digital solutions,” said Widiya Kumoro, head of ICT and digitalization at MIND ID. “We’re using Microsoft for collaboration and email. Data security is our No. 1 priority, so a backup solution is part of our digital transformation roadmaps to achieving good corporate governance.”

That need aligns with the company’s overall core values, which include responsibility and resilience. And the task became more evident as the amount of data produced by the company reached 8 TB.

But MIND ID didn’t have a backup plan in place beyond the retention capabilities that Microsoft 365 provides (documents deleted from the SharePoint recycle bin are retained for 93 days; for emails, it’s only 14 days).

As the company worked to refine its standard operating procedure and produce a master IT plan to guide the next five years, leadership agreed that a robust third-party solution was a key component.

“Any data in the cloud needs to be backed up,” Kumoro said.

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The user interface of AvePoint Cloud Backup is quite modern. The solution performs restores successfully. That has been the real test — and it’s good.

Widiya Kumoro
Head of ICT and Digitalization, Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID)

The AvePoint Solution

In May 2021, MIND ID chose AvePoint Cloud Backup to protect important files, emails, and other critical data.

Cloud Backup is a 100% SaaS solution that provides automated, comprehensive backup and restore services for M365, Salesforce and Dynamics 365. It features built-in storage and encryption and offers flexible pricing plans based on the number of users or the amount of data.

AvePoint’s global data centers and multi-geo capacity allow customers with compliance needs such as GDPR to choose where their data lives.

Purchased via MIND ID’s distributor, Xapiens, Cloud Backup is designed to accommodate the latest Microsoft APIs and to handle granular rollbacks (including Teams chats, groups, and Planner). It can also perform point-in-time restores using a simple calendar-based interface.

“We’re able to restore data from a specific time,” Kumoro said. “AvePoint provided an all-in-one solution with all the features we needed.”

With AvePoint, backups are performed four times daily. Cloud Backup’s detailed reporting capabilities allow IT teams to address any issues that arise during the process, and self-service tools (delegated administration and the Ava chatbot) allow users to assist themselves, if desired.

Already, some MIND ID employees have used those tools to restore after an unplanned data-loss incident, underscoring the value of the AvePoint investment. It was this ease of use that helped distinguish AvePoint from other solutions providers during the company’s search process.

“The user interface of AvePoint Cloud Backup is quite modern,” said Kumoro, noting that he and his team have recovered OneDrive accounts and mailboxes on a few occasions. “The solution performs restores successfully. That has been the real test — and it’s good.”

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The Road Ahead

Having a reliable backup and restore solution will be essential as MIND ID looks to expand Microsoft 365 deployments (and Cloud Backup) across the organization, which currently employs 13,000 people.

Thanks to AvePoint, peace of mind remains a constant.

“The most important thing is that we have a sense of security without having to worry about what will happen if our data is lost,” Kumoro said. “Now, we worry less.”

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