Simplified Billing and Ticketing Through ConnectWise

Combine the power of Elements Multi-Tenant Management and the versatility of ConnectWise IT service management tools. AvePoint Elements Platform supports integrations with both SaaS and On-premise ConnectWise Manage that allows MSPs to scale and improve operational efficiency.

connectwise improve and saving

A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study of the ConnectWise Platform found that by reducing arguments over bills, the platform improved the productivity of finance teams by 25 percent and led to an average saving of $238,798 over three years.

Automated billing

Synchronize monthly and annual invoicing to ConnectWise Manage allowing you to quickly and effectively generate invoices and submit to your customers in a timely manner.

Ransomware Web Graphic Lineof Degense Forrester
Ransomware Web Graphic Lineof Degense Forrester

Improved ticketing support

Easily create tickets and auto-close when you’re addressing your customers’ most pressing issues such as license expirations or backup job status.

About AvePoint Elements

Accelerate cloud adoption and usage by delivering comprehensive coverage for Microsoft 365 with enterprise grade software in addition to data protection for Google Workspace, Dynamics 365, and Salesforce. Elements, AvePoint’s partner-centric intelligence platform allows you to enable operational efficiencies. Easily provision, manage, and analyze your customer licenses and usage all in one place. Provision at scale without losing visibility into support tickets and ongoing activity.

About ConnectWise Marketplace Integration

The ConnectWise Marketplace is a platform to showcase vendor partner integrations. A certified integration program is built to industry best practices and has passed security reviews. As a certified integration partner, AvePoint is part of the Invent Program, where vendors like AvePoint are invited to collaborate on development of robust integration experiences with ConnectWise products such as Manage, Automate, and control for the benefit of our mutual partners.

Featured Solutions

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Microsoft licensing causing confusion? Not sure whether you're under- or over-assigned? Having difficulty aligning your total license costs with business units, departments, or regions? Cense can help.

Microsoft 365 Archiving

Reduce storage costs and improve data quality and information management in Microsoft 365

Azure Backup

Protect your groups, users and business critical application configurations. Flexible backup and restore of your Azure AD, Azure VM, Blob and File Storage all within AvePoint Online Services.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Backup Teams, Groups, mailboxes, and more. Minimize downtime and data loss with the most complete service protection and flexible restore. Get encrypted, ensure compliance, stay protected.

Google Workspace Backup

Protect your Gmail, contacts, calendars, and drives automatically, up to 4 times a day! Your data is encrypted by default and stored in our secure cloud storage. Backup

With a combination of automatic daily backups for Salesforce and sandbox, on-demand backups, and comprehensive restore, we keep your business moving forward.

Dynamics 365 Backup

Automated backup for your critical CRM data. Flexible storage and capacity options ensure all of your cloud investments are secure, and you can restore on-demand.