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Tech News Roundup: Enterprise cloud, Microsoft strategy, and knowledge management

Welcome to the latest edition of our Tech News Roundup blog series! The enterprise IT industry moves at a rapid pace – making it difficult to keep up with the latest news. This series aims to help you hone in on the stories you need to know amidst the noise. Check out synopses and links to recommended enterprise technology stories below, and come back regularly for more news roundups.

IBM vs Microsoft and the battle for the corporate cloud business (ZDNet)

Over the past year, IBM and Microsoft have dueled for a top spot in the enterprise cloud market. This analysis delves into the business strategies for each organization and how they are following previous predictions. As cited in the article, Satya Nadella said, “The enterprise cloud opportunity is massive, larger than any market we have ever participated in,” – and this opportunity isn’t being ignored by competitors like Amazon and Google, either.

KM past and present: The focus is on integration, scope and analytics (KMWorld)

Knowledge management has seen some vast changes over the past few years – mainly lying in the transformation of the customer experience, turning big data into business insights, embracing the mobile shift, and accelerating digital business. KMWorld goes in depth on how this market is in need integration between major vendors and has shifted focus as the workplace has evolved.

Four reasons why 2015 was critical for Microsoft (CNBC)

With sights set on the cloud, the launch of Windows 10, downsizing of mobile strategies, and the introduction of the HoloLens headset, Microsoft has successfully increased its share price up to nearly 20 percent in 2015. CNBC investigates how each of these major announcements and strategies has contributed to the strengthening of the Microsoft brand.

Office 365 and Edge: What is Microsoft’s End Game? (Redmond Magazine)

Microsoft recently made some noise around the launch of the Edge Browser – recommending that Office 365 users utilize the latest version moving forward. This recommendation could use the Microsoft Cloud platform’s popularity to increase adoption of the company’s latest browser. Redmond Magazine explains the why Microsoft may have decided to tie the two products together and how this may affect users.


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