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SharePoint eDiscovery

SharePoint eDiscovery

DocAve eDiscovery for Microsoft® SharePoint® eDiscovery

Report. Respond to Legal eDiscovery requests for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with speed and precision.

DocAve eDiscovery for Microsoft SharePoint enables organizations to more effectively respond to litigation requests and eDiscovery obligations. Organizations need to be prepared to respond to any type of legal inquiry with precision, clarity, and efficiency. Content residing in SharePoint that is responsive to legal requests for information must be made available in a timely and comprehensive manner. Once identified, these materials – along with all associated metadata and audit histories – are exported to multiple file formats for external, third-party review in order to meet all eDiscovery obligations.

DocAve eDiscovery provides:

  • Responsive Content Identification and Reporting
  • Legal Holds
  • Access-sensitive Archiving

All Microsoft, All the Way

As with all AvePoint software, DocAve eDiscovery utilizes only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

Business Advantages for Microsoft SharePoint eDiscovery

  • Simplify your data search with flexible, complete metadata and full-text based search options through both active and archived content
  • Quickly satisfy eDiscovery requests without burdening staff and resources by delivering data to any requesting party in exportable multiple-file formats containing all required data points, including critical metadata
  • Easily grant compliance officers granular access to DocAve eDiscovery via its easy-to-use, browser-based interface
  • Implement proactive legal compliance by efficiently implementing and managing Legal Holds for specific SharePoint content on demand

DocAve eDiscovery Technical Overview

  • Full context search of all active and archived SharePoint and file share content by keyword, key phrase, pattern, or random sampling
  • Search and source for any SharePoint content by metadata tags, such as Created By and Modified By
  • Easily export search results in .CSV, .XLS, or .PDF format for external review and third-party delivery – including individual list items – with only relevant metadata and audit histories
  • Implement Legal Holds on SharePoint items to limit access/modification rights and/or create immutable, full-fidelity copies of held content
  • Export SharePoint or archived DocAve content into Concordance® compatible file formats
  • Perform advanced and complex searches without affecting performance of your SharePoint environment via load-balanced searching and utilization of SharePoint Index Data

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