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SharePoint Deployment Management

SharePoint Deployment Management

DocAve Deployment Manager for Microsoft® SharePoint® Deployment Management

Manage. Automate Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 implementation from staging to production

Deployment Manager allows organizations to:

  • Automate application lifecycle management

    by propagating changes to solutions, configurations, or customizations – including workflows – on a scheduled basis.
  • Delegate solution or customization deployment tasks

    to appropriate farm or solution administrators in order to increase operational efficiency, while maintaining production environment integrity.
  • Quickly identify

    web-front end (WFE) configurations, design elements, and solutions that are out of sync, and propagate changes within or across farms.

DocAve Deployment Manager for Microsoft SharePoint automates the deployment of customizations and configurations within or across SharePoint farms through an easy-to-use management console.

Deployment Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful SharePoint deployment by offering simplified management and automation of release operations to promote content, customizations, and design elements throughout SharePoint environments.

All Microsoft, All the Way

As with all AvePoint software, DocAve Deployment Manager utilizes only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

Business Case for SharePoint Deployment

To learn more about the importance of SharePoint deployment planning, please view our informative Business Case video narrated by AvePoint Product Manager, Terence Orpilla:

Business Case for SharePoint Deployment

Business Advantages for Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Management

  • Improve IT efficiency by automating and simplifying repetitive, time-consuming SharePoint deployment customization processes, including solutions, design elements, and WFE customizations. Easily compare environments to identify elements for propagation, and implement changes via highly intuitive wizards and familiar ribbon-based controls, allowing skilled resources to focus on more strategic, higher-value activities.

  • Ensure that every SharePoint farm within the development and staging phases is an exact clone of the other so complex system changes can be systematically and accurately propagated from development through to staging and production, resulting in a consistent and reliable production system.

  • Automation results in faster deployment, and minimizes the number of possible errors. Mitigate the risks involved in deploying SharePoint solutions and customizations, and reduce any service disruption by eliminating the possibility of breakage caused by poorly executed upgrades or change propagation.

Technical Overview for SharePoint Deployment Management

Screenshot Tour:

Deployment Manager Home Screen

Deployment Manager Home Screen

Compare source and destination SharePoint objects

Compare source and destination SharePoint objects

Supported deployment components

Supported deployment components

  • Deploy and manage content, design elements, front-end web configurations, solutions, as well as shared services within or across SharePoint farms
  • Minimize business disruptions through plan-based online deployment with customizable scheduling options, or offline deployment to accommodate slow or secured networks
  • Compare source and destination SharePoint objects to quickly view object details and identify elements for propagation; execute propagation tasks from one object to another, or to multiple objects
  • Granularly select SharePoint objects, including web applications, site collections, sites, lists, folders, items, site or list settings, SharePoint Designer objects, site columns, content types, user or farm solutions, IIS site files, GAC, custom features, site definitions, and Managed Metadata Service, to deploy to other locations
  • Automatically backup the destination environment before deployment for easy rollback
  • Utilize flexible conflict resolution to skip, merge, overwrite, or overwrite content based on last modified time
  • Update permissions, metadata, or language information with comprehensive user, domain, and language mapping
  • Include the associated content settings (e.g. security and customized content) as well as workflow definitions (SharePoint OOTB workflows, SharePoint Designer workflows, Nintex workflows and Visual Studio workflows) during deployment
  • Manage deployment plan prioritization by downloading and uploading plan queues, or utilize the integrated SharePoint Management Shell to enable batch mode operation
  • Report on deployment tasks to track changes and notify stakeholders upon completion

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