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SharePoint Archiving

SharePoint Archiving

DocAve Archiver for Microsoft® SharePoint® Archiving

Optimize. Flexible SharePoint archiving of SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 content. Strengthen records management. Improve compliance. Reduce cost.

Archiver allows organizations to:

  • Secure all data

    by automatically storing copies of SharePoint records in immutable form
  • Comply with information governance and records management policies

    by applying retention policies to remediate and fully remove stale content from SharePoint
  • Enhance eDiscovery and legal review

    by exporting archived content into universally accepted file formats as well as LexisNexis and Autonomy systems
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

    by utilizing hierarchical storage management (HSM) systems for SharePoint content
  • Keep SharePoint’s SQL Server® content databases optimized

    by retiring end-of-life content

DocAve Archiver removes stale, end-of-life content from SharePoint’s SQL Server content databases to more cost-effective HSM systems, based upon fully customizable business rules. Archiver alleviates growing storage burdens and reduces compliance risk by maintaining immutable, read-only copies of archived content for consistent, automatic disposition of SharePoint records in accordance with established information management policies.

All Microsoft, All the Way

As with all AvePoint software, Archiver utilizes only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

Business Case for SharePoint Archiving

To learn more about the importance of SharePoint archiving and records management, please view our informative Business Case video narrated by AvePoint VP of Global Accounts, John Hodges:

Business Case for SharePoint Archiving

Business Advantages for SharePoint Archiving

Technical Overview for SharePoint Archiving

Screenshot Tour:

End-user Archiving

End-user Archiving

Create a Customizable Rule

Create a Customizable Rule

Export and Archive SharePoint Data Options

Export and Archive SharePoint Data Options

Improve Compliance Manage End-of-Life Content Optimize Storage
  • Apply retention policies to remediate content upon compliance expiration with information governance and management policies
  • Archive content based on built-in or customizable properties, including content type, owner, last modified date and time, file size, or custom metadata fields
  • Move data from SQL Server content databases to less-expensive HSM systems
  • Flexibly manage records with the ability to delete or maintain immutable, read-only copies of archived content in SharePoint
  • Archive site collections, sites, lists, libraries, individual folders, items, and document versions, including metadata, workflow state, and permissions
  • Empower content owners to define or archive obsolete content with End User Archiver or integrate with DocAve Governance Automation to submit service requests informing IT administrators of end-of-life content
  • Tag new content to enhance discoverability with “archived”, “archived by”, “archived time”, and custom metadata identifiers
  • Centrally manage storage and retention policies across multiple farms
  • Store archived SharePoint content in any local, network, cloud drive, or file system – including Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive for Business – as well as advanced storage systems from Dell, EMC, Hitachi, IBM, or NetApp for further storage optimization
  • Export SharePoint or archived content into LexisNexis Concordance and Autonomy Connector for SharePoint compatible file formats for further legal review
  • Enable full-text search and restore for archived contents via DocAve at any time
  • Further optimize storage resources for archived content with enterprise-strength data compression

DocAve Archiver Resources

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Not fully migrated to SharePoint 2013 or 2010 yet?

To archive content from Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or WSS v2,
please contact an AvePoint representative.

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