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As a full Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform, AvePoint Compliance Guardian mitigates privacy, information security, and compliance risks across your information gateways with a comprehensive “say it, do it, and prove it” risk management process.

Allow your organization to document policies, implement and measure them, and then demonstrate conformance.

What can AvePoint Compliance Guardian do for you?

Discover data across information gateways, take corrective actions and place controls on regulated, sensitive or private data, and monitor and report on content and systems for ongoing compliance.

Say It with AvePoint Compliance Guardian

Say It

Scan enterprise content wherever it is, whatever it is, against pre-defined regulatory policies based on Compliance Guardian’s out-of-the-box and/or customizable checks. Report on data to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, and flag false positives with human review.

Do It with AvePoint Compliance Guardian

Do It

Implement data protection and compliance policies with scheduled or real-time scanning, tagging, and action. Compliance Guardian provides automated context-aware actions to block, move, delete, quarantine, encrypt, redact, or restrict access to sensitive data based upon its classification.

Prove It with AvePoint Compliance Guardian

Prove It

Prove policy compliance with ongoing monitoring, detailed reporting, and granular incident tracking. Quickly and easily describe your controls, processes and progress to business users, regulators, and auditors with exportable reports that demonstrate how you have documented, addressed, and plan to continue to enforce policy compliance.

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