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AvePoint Compliance Guardian

AvePoint Compliance Guardian

Say it. Do it. Prove it. Mitigate risk across your information gateways to support content and system privacy, security, site quality, and accessibility.

To learn about how Compliance Guardian supports compliance for your enterprise content, click on each system below:

  • File Systems Compliance
  • Sharepoint Compliance
  • Web Compliance
  • Social Compliance
  • Cloud Compliance

AvePoint Compliance Guardian is designed to ensure that information is available and accessible to the people who should have it and protected from the people who should not. Compliance Guardian helps organizations proactively protect IT environments from harmful information leaks, contamination, or misuse by supporting the implementation of information governance policies, automating the enforcement those policies, and proving policy compliance with ongoing monitoring and incident tracking.

In order to effectively reduce your organizational risk, Compliance Guardian takes a comprehensive lifecycle approach:

  • Scan content in motion or at rest against a range of out-of-the-box or customized checks that map to a wide range of requirements and legislation for privacy, information assurance, operational security, sensitive security information, and accessibility
  • Discover data across multiple information gateways in your enterprise to shed light on dark data and other potential sources of risk
  • Drive enterprise classification and taxonomy with user-assisted and automated classification – ensuring sensitive data, for instance, is tagged appropriately
  • Take corrective action automatically to secure, delete, move, quarantine, encrypt, or redact risk-defined content, and help compliance staff prioritize risks that require immediate attention with advanced risk calculators and reports
  • Enhance incident tracking and management with incident management system as well as trend reports and historical analysis to measure your organizations’ compliance improvements over time
  • Monitor content and systems for ongoing compliance

In these ways, organizations can ensure that all activities and information residing in their environments are compliant, accessible, and manageable. Compliance Guardian helps give organizations the ability to trust information workers to handle data appropriately, but also verify that they are doing so. With capabilities across cloud platforms, enterprise social platforms, file shares, websites, web applications, and SharePoint, it’s a truly enterprise-grade product that caters to the reality of today’s information workplace.

AvePoint also provides solutions to extend Compliance Guardian’s capabilities to help organizations comply with regulatory compliance standards and requirements.

  • AvePoint Accessibility Solution for Microsoft SharePoint combines Compliance Guardian and AvePoint Accessibility Accelerator (AAA) to ensure SharePoint frameworks and web pages remain accessible to the people who need them regardless of physical ability in accordance with accessibility compliance regulations.
  • Compliance Detector is an educational solution that can be utilized to report on privacy, site quality, or accessibility violations for any URL.
  • AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment System (APIA) helps companies and government agencies automate the process of evaluating, assessing, and reporting on the privacy implications of their enterprise IT systems.

AvePoint works with customers across all market segments and verticals, and has tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. Vertical-specific compliance solutions include:

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