Identify and Understand Your Restore Capabilities of Your Office 365 Data

If you think you don’t need backup and restore in the cloud, think again!
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  • 1 Hour
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Robert Hedblom

Microsoft MVP

Roché Mahomedradja

Microsoft 365 Consultant, AvePoint

Do you know how long Office 365 will retain and back up your data? Do you have the required steps documented to recover your data in the event of data loss? Do you have a plan in place to protect your organisation against rogue employees or accidental deletion?

Join AvePoint’s Roché Mahomedradja, Solutions Engineer, Robert Hedblom, Business Continuity Professional and Henrik Höglund, Head of Sales & Customer Relations at SumNERV in our interactive webinar where you will learn what you need to know about cloud back up including:

  • Why do you need backup and restore for Office 365
  • Determining the right approach and amount of back up for your organisation
  • How organizational data is lost and common risks
  • Office 365’s native backup capabilities—and what it doesn’t cover
  • Solution for backup and granular restore & right to be forgotten
  • How other organisations have solved their back up challenges with AvePoint

Our webinar will conclude with a brief live demo of the AvePoint Cloud Backup Solution, including our new AvePoint Virtual Assistant (AVA) that will empower your users to restore any deleted files or conversations in Microsoft Teams.

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