Build a Secure & Resilient CPG Business

The AvePoint Confidence Platform protects, governs, and transforms data and collaboration to drive competitive advantage amidst the digital transformation in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption: CPG Companies Face Mounting Pressures to Transform

The rapid shift towards online and digital channels is requiring new skills in data analytics, digital technologies, and e-commerce. To remain competitive, CPG companies must prepare for an AI-enabled future of work, embrace e-commerce and new digital selling models, integrate advanced technologies throughout their operations, and develop highly skilled, digitally-fluent talent. Take decisive action to transform today in order to be best positioned to lead in the digital era.

Unlock Data-Driven Growth for Your CPG Business with AvePoint

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Empower Your Frontline

Enable real-time collaboration across departments, plants, warehouses, and stores. Give your distributed workforce seamless access to information to drive faster decision making.

Secure Protection

Secure Consumer Data

Your consumers trust you to protect their personal information. Securely manage consumer data privacy and prevent oversharing through automated policies.

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Improve ROI

The AvePoint Confidence Platform upgrades your Microsoft 365 capabilities with the flexibility, security and control you need to maximize returns.

Maximixe Agility and Security
Automated Technologies to Power CPG Digital Transformation

Maximize Agility and Security

AvePoint delivers truly automated solutions that empower confident digital transformation for CPG companies. With built-in automation for backup, compliance, and security, manage digital workplace investments seamlessly. AvePoint makes it simple to migrate, govern, and protect data so you can refocus on serving customers and growing your business. Our automation allows you to be confident that your environment is protected 24/7 behind the scenes. 

Tailor Employee Access

Easily configure unique policies for your frontline production workers and back-office employees.

Secure External Collaboration

Take control of external collaboration with granular permissions and periodic recertifications to keep your workspaces open but secure.

Control Your Consumer Data

Prevent oversharing of sensitive consumer data and detect information that is already over-exposed, requiring immediate action to keep it secure.

Safeguard Your CPG Data

Protect your mission-critical CPG data from loss with full-service backup and granular restores, including Teams channels, chats, and Planner tasks.

Accelerate Workforce Scaling

Quickly scale up or scale down your transitional workforce with automated backup, restore, security, configurations, permissions, and content.

Empower Local IT Teams

Avoid IT bottlenecks with delegated admin so reporting, configuration, content management, and permission management can be done locally.

Generative AI
Embrace the Future of CPG

Generative AI: A Transformative Force for the CPG Industry

Generative AI presents a major opportunity for CPG companies to drive growth and gain advantage by enhancing innovation, optimizing operations, and elevating the consumer experience. However, to fully capitalize, CPG brands need a robust data management strategy. A well-architected data platform and governance framework will allow CPG companies to train highly accurate AI models that generate actionable insights. With generative AI and data working in tandem, accelerate digital transformation and succeed in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

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The advantages of AvePoint Cloud Governance are so significant that we can no longer operate without it. We will continue to use Teams as the center of our communication, and by committing to AvePoint Cloud Governance for application management, we hope to make our working environment more efficient and effective.

Katsuya Kokubo

Vice President, Enterprise Information, Solutions, Kao Corporation

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