How to Use APIA As Part of Tech Ecosystem For GDPR Compliance

You’ve downloaded APIA, now it’s time to learn best practices for leveraging it and other solutions to make your organization GDPR compliant!


Government Agencies & Compliant Migration: Moving to Office 365 & Hybrid Environments

This webinar will show you how to execute a successful compliant migration, agencies must navigate stringent regulations, complex procurement processes and tightening budgets—all without disrupting mission critical workloads.


Get GDPR Compliant Fast

Learn a winning game plan of best practices and solutions for faster, more robust and less manually intensive GDPR compliance.


The Operational (IT) Impacts of the GDPR

The ​European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ​​has now been agreed upon and adopted. While organizations will have until May 2018 to comply with its framework, you need to start rethinking your privacy, security, and information governance strategy now. Learn the...