GroupHub: better together

GroupHub is where users go to find, search through, and access the Office 365 Groups they need, when they need them, in just two clicks. We grant admins powerful Group management tools, so they can effectively oversee and bring order to Groups. More control. Less chaos.

Drive user productivity

Users can easily see and organize the Groups they own, or have membership to, and quickly navigate to content they need.

Expert Office 365 Groups management

Administrators get powerful management tools to manage Group membership, resources, content, and more.

Advanced governance

Access policy-driven services for provisioning, classification, and lifecycle management via Cloud Governance integration.

Ss Cloud Grouphub

GroupHub is powered by AvePoint Cloud

No more Groups on the loose

Office 365 Groups are powerful, but time spent searching for the right groups and content can impact adoption and productivity. That’s why we created AvePoint GroupHub—to simplify the Groups experience—ultimately making everyone’s life easier, and more productive.

Groups, all together

Users can create new groups, navigate through existing ones, and access group details, resources, and memberships.

Simplified searching

Tag groups with labels and create filtered hubs of groups based on purpose or importance. Less searching, more working.

Pre-filtered, for you

Built-in views let users jump to favored groups, member groups, ones they’d like to join, and those recently accessed.

Power minus the shell

Admins get a simple interface to configure group management settings without the need for complex PowerShell operations.

Next-level governance

Integration with Cloud Governance ensures Groups are provisioned, classified, and expired according to policies.

Groups here. Groups there. Groups everywhere! Keep calm and GroupHub on.

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