Complete Office 365 backup. We've got you covered.

Whatever data you’ve got, AvePoint Cloud Backup for Office 365 can protect it. Our 100% SaaS platform keeps business-critical emails, calendars, sites, groups, teams, projects, files, and conversations secured with unlimited, automatic backup and anywhere storage. Plus, with the help of AVA, AvePoint's Virtual Assistant, you'll be able to locate and recover lost content— from wherever and whenever— with item-level restore.

Worry-free protection

Worry-free protection

Automated, unlimited backups up to four times a day for Exchange, Groups, Teams, and more. Meet SLAs for protection and retention with ease.

Anywhere, anytime restore

Anywhere, anytime restore

Search for and restore granular Office 365 content in or out of place for anytime access. Metadata, workflow state, and permissions are kept intact.

Secure storage. Your terms.

Secure storage. Your terms.

Store backups in your cloud, our unlimited Azure storage, or anywhere else. Leaks and attacks are no match for Microsoft Azure Encryption.

Why do I need Office 365 backup?

While enabling retention and versioning can help preserve critical files and mail, you're still responsible for additional data protection scenarios. Without the right backup plan, data recovery can be really expensive, or even impossible!

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Microsoft Native Backup Protection Customer Responsibility
Loss of service due to hardware or infrastructure failure Loss of data due to malicious insiders, hacktivists, malware or ransomware
Loss of service due to natural disaster or data center outage Recovery from prolonged outages
Short-term (93-days) user error with recycle bin/version history, including new OneDrive “Files Restore” Loss of data due to departing employees, deactivated accounts
Short-term (14-day) administrative error with soft-delete for Groups, Mailboxes or services-lead rollback Long-term accidental deletion coverage with selective rollback

Meet AVA — Your new Virtual Assistant!

Say hello to AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant that helps users find lost content. AVA responds to Microsoft Teams chats to help users find lost files or emails, without burdening your help desk or IT teams. Find AVA in your Teams App store today!

Meet AVA — Your new Virtual Assistant!

Empowered restore

AVA responds directly to users’ requests to find lost items, so users can recover and restore content themselves.

Search & recover

Locate missing, misplaced, or deleted files or emails in Exchange, Outlook, or OneDrive (and recycle bins)—including recently modified docs or broken URLs.

Savings for days

Your help desk team and end users won’t waste precious time (and money) searching through Office 365’s recycle bins or AvePoint Cloud Backup data.

Security trimmed

AVA respects your permissions—so users can locate only the content that's allowed—ensuring content is always in the right hands!

Ss Cloud Backup Office 365

Backup for the social set — Office 365 Exchange, Groups, Teams, and more!

In modern workplaces, anyone, anywhere can access, create, and share. Cloud Backup protects and restores it all—so it's safe in Office 365. Restore is a breeze with delegated controls for power users, or just ask AVA—your new virtual assistant—for help directly from Microsoft Teams!

Exchange Online

Backup Exchange mailboxes, folders, chats, calendars, contacts, and more. Restore mail and Outlook data whenever, wherever—even export a PST on demand.

SharePoint Online

Restore site collection, site, list, library, folder, item, or document. Keep metadata, security settings, and version history.

Office 365 Groups

The best features of Microsoft’s platform, together. Recovery of Group files, conversations, notebooks, sites, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Protection for modern Teams collaboration—including team channels, conversations, work files, meeting items, and more.

OneDrive for Business

Storage gets personal. Protect your OneDrive for Business content with automated backups and granular restores.

Public Folders

Protect Public Folder assets—from mailboxes to messages, files, contacts, forms and postings—for secure collaboration.

Project Online

Host, manage, and track project plans. Business-critical jobs, tasks, and files are kept under control and protected.


Search for and restore tasks, buckets, progress, labels, and task assignments along with your Groups and Teams.

Office 365 Backup: the most flexible restore there is.

AvePoint backup provides comprehensive coverage for all the collaboration materials you generate, and not just the files. What sets AvePoint Cloud Backup apart, though, is the restore. With extensive options, we’ll meet your needs with ease.

Backup Welcome Restore Screen

Granular restore

On-demand granular recovery, to restore only what you need, when you need it. Conflict resolutions ensure the most authoritative copy is recovered.

Out-of-place restore

Restore content and conversations directly to any mailbox, site, OneDrive, or Group – not just its original home.

Offline restore

Export files, mail items, or conversations directly to a local storage, so you’re covered, even when there’s loss of service.

Security rollback

Don’t just restore an individual document or version…perform full security rollbacks to undo unintended Office 365 permissions changes.

Object-based restore

Directly locate business-critical files or emails by utilizing the full-text search capability for rapid discovery.

Point-in-time restore

Recover Teams, sites, files, calendars, or mail to a specific point in time by using a simple and intuitive calendar interface.

Privacy Dashboard Gdpr

Backup for GDPR, Governance, & Compliance

Cloud Backup helps you meet your GDPR, Governance, and Compliance requirements—whether you’re subject to GDPR or need to respond to internal audits for mail, calendars, and OneDrives. No matter what, we’ve got you covered with a dedicated Privacy Dashboard.

Right to be forgotten

Search across user Exchange mailboxes and calendars, as well as OneDrives. Remove one or multiple users’ data from your backup records to comply with user “Right to be forgotten” requests.

DSAR processing

Produce all information held by Cloud Backup on a given user by exporting the latest recovery point in their OneDrive or Mailbox to comply with EU GDPR Article 15.

Admin auditing

In addition to auditing restore operations, track any and all administrative activity, including who changed a backup scope, or downloaded a report.

Preserve accountability

Record the consent to purge and delete data for accountability, plus create a trail of evidence for the Defensible Deletion of the content for proof.

Validate data security

Control access to view and manage backups and restores. Security trimming based on role or Office 365 permissions.

Status monitoring

Monitor and produce reports of your protection status across Office 365 Exchange mailboxes, calendars, Groups, Teams, SharePoint, and more.

The proof is in the platform

Saying AvePoint is the best is one thing, but proving it to you is another. So, don’t just take our word for it. Give us a try and you’ll know why.

No need to lift a finger

No need to lift a finger

It’s automatic! Our robust capacity planning ensures your backups run up to 4 times a day, every day. Plus, built-in 256-bit encryption protects data from leaks and attacks.

Get SaaS and chill

Get SaaS and chill

AvePoint Cloud Backup is a 100% Azure-hosted SaaS application. No servers, no installations, no overworked IT team, nada—and updates are automatic.

Bring your own storage (or not)

Bring your own storage (or not)

Store backup data in our Microsoft Azure storage, or your own—even bring an encryption key. Choose from Amazon S3, Dropbox, or any SFTP and FTP destinations.

Boost your cloud confidence Exceed expectations with AvePoint Cloud Backup for Office 365

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