Cloud Backup for Google Workspace

Backup critical Google workspace data and restore on-demand, minimizing data loss and downtime in case of user errors, ransomware, misconfigured Google Vault rules, service outages or any other data loss event.

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Protect business critical data with google workspace backup

Protect Business-Critical Data with Google Workspace Backup

Prevent data loss and secure your Google Workspace data with AvePoint Cloud Backup. With one-click setup, automated daily backups up to four times a day, world-class encryption, and comprehensive restore options, maintain business continuity and resilience.

  • Worry-free Protection
    Ensure data protection and retention requirements are always met with four times daily, automatic backups.
  • Secure Encryption
    Your data is safe in our cloud. Breaches and attacks are no match for our encryption and user account security.
  • Comprehensive Restore
    Access, search, and restore Google Workspace data granularly or in bulk, for Gmail, Drives, Shared Drives, Contacts, and Calendars.
Comprehensive google backup and sync for your data

Complete Google Backup and Data Synchronization

Our 100% SaaS Google Workspace backup protects your Gmail, contacts, calendars, and drives automatically. Your data is encrypted by default and stored in our secure cloud storage. Restore on-demand for any-time access and fast recovery from errors, attacks, and failures.

  • Gmail Backup
    Ensure your emails and messages are safe, and easily restore user emails.
  • Google Drive and Shared Drive Backup
    Protect Google Drive files, including their metadata and permissions. 
  • Calendars and Contacts
    Protect past and future events and schedules so you never lose touch with another contact. 
  • Google Classroom
    Protect Grades, Assignments, Documents, Users and Announcements all within the same solution.
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Your Data, Your Responsibility

Do I need to backup Google workspace?

You’ve invested in Google Workspace, and now you need to protect your data. Google’s cloud provides server redundancy and short-term recovery with its Trash bin that holds data for up to 30 days, but actual retention options to protect your information more granularly are limited.

  • Trash Woes
    Google Workspace holds deleted data for 30 days, and Google Classroom has no recycle bin. Turn to us to archive, recover, and delete your data.
  • User Errors
    Lost, altered, or corrupted data happens. Easily roll back changes to files and drive structures with on-demand restores.
  • Malicious Attacks
    Neutralize malware, ransomware attacks, and phishing schemes before they even happen.
  • Trusted Google Partner
    Google encourages you to protect data with a partner backup solution like AvePoint to backup and secure user data for long-term data protection.
Google workspace backup is insurance for your organization

End User Restore

Go to ReCenter, A Dedicated Portal for You

AvePoint ReCenter is an easy-to-use solution to help users find lost Google Workspace content. Search for missing files, email, and content across Google Workspace and easily restore it with one click, without having to request support from your help desk or IT team.

  • Empowered Restore
    ReCenter allows users to find and restore lost Google Workspace content themselves.
  • Search and Recover
    Locate missing, misplaced, or deleted Google Workspace content, files, and emails in Google Drives, Calendars, Contacts, and Gmail.
  • Save Time and Money
    Eliminate help desk and end users from wasting precious time (and money) searching for content.
  • Security Trimmed
    Users can freely locate and restore only the content that’s allowed under the supervision of IT admins.
Secure your business critical data with google workspace backup

The Cloud Coverage You Need

Secure Business-Critical Data with Google Workspace Backup

Why risk losing information that’s important to you and your business? Ensure secure collaboration with Google Workspace Backup, and be in control when you need to perform or export a backup, create reports, restore data, or secure new data – all in one click.

  • Proactive Reporting
    Robust reporting and dashboards keep you on top of your protection progress.
  • Security by Design
    Backup data is encrypted by default.
  • Options for Storage
    Store backup data in secure built-in, unlimited, cloud storage, in your choice of 14 global AvePoint data centers.
  • Maintain GDPR Compliance
    Find, select and delete users’ with Drive, Gmail, Contact, Calendar backup data to meet “Right-to-be-Forgotten” rule under the EU GDPR Article 17.

Backed by the AvePoint Confidence Platform

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AvePoint has achieved multiple ISO, SOC and other security and privacy certifications.

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Comply with regional data sovereignty requirements and store data in one of our 14 global data centers

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Our platform scales easily to support 10, 10,000 or 100,000 users with your data backup by a 99.9% uptime SLA.