Yatindra Ranpura
Yatindra Ranpura

Head of Presales UK, AvePoint


Sebastian Straub
Sebastian Straub

Solutions Engineer, AvePoint


Evaluate the likelihood and severity of 6 data loss scenarios with your own eyes.

We all know that data loss occurs across all cloud platforms including Microsoft 365, but how exactly does it happen?

We’ll live demo scenarios that show exactly how easy or hard it is for users and even admins to push the wrong button and wipe out regulated or critical business data. Conversely, we’ll also demonstrate how sometimes not pushing the right button can also lead to critical data not being retained as intended.

This will allow registrants to judge the likelihood, severity and overall risk that exists within their own organisation and whether a third-party backup solution and safety net is an appropriate mitigation.

Watch (and maybe cringe a bit) as we lose data by:

Making common administrator mistakes related to metadata and permissions
Responding to an audit for a former employee’s mailbox
Watching and trying to restore user deletions of Planner tabs and Teams conversations
Screwing up our retention policies
Having an administrator or Team owner roll back their site
Responding to a ransomware attack

Register today to see how easily your data can slip through your fingers!

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