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When the pandemic hit, public sector had just days to shift operations and staff to the digital workplace, with almost all players now reliant on collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to ensure staff have access to the data and communications they need in real time.

However, with the sudden switch to digital workflows comes increased pressure on compliance and IT security teams to ensure that citizen and public sector data is safe. And while internal controls have been relaxed during the pandemic, data regulations remain unchanged and the regulators have stepped up their scrutiny, creating a new cocktail of risk, compliance and governance challenges.

This digital roundtable with industry peers will explore how public sector is making the most out of digital collaboration tools while combatting a host of emerging challenges including security, regulatory and risk management needs as the industry adapts to the long-term impact of the Microsoft 365 digital workplace.

Topics for discussion

How are you leveraging using Microsoft 365 and other digital collaboration tools to accelerate transformation of operations and what are the new priorities for digital transformation strategies?

How has the shift to digital working created new risks for data management strategies and how are compliance and security teams attempting to overcome these?

How are IT and business teams using Microsoft 365 and digital collaboration to overcome workflow and data silos and stimulate collaboration across the digital workplace?

What are the key roadblocks to full cloud migration for more collaborative working?

What are the main challenges for Public Sector in navigating the post-Covid and post-Brexit era and what impact will this have on data management? Will this have an impact on regulation and will new technology be needed to overcome these challenges?

How has the executives' attitudes to risks affected the rollout of new technologies and has the case been made for digital transformation deployment since the workforce moved to home working?

What challenges are posed by legacy technology systems and how are businesses ensuring they are ready for future disruption?

Looking back….. if you had known the pandemic was going to hit in March 2020, what would be the three key things you would have prioritised pre-2020.