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Dux Raymond Sy
Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft RD and MVP, AvePoint CMO


Aya Tange
Aya Tange

Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft


Jeff Godderz
Jeff Godderz

Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities, ECM Architect


Maximise work from home collaboration with Office 365 – Microsoft Teams

With more and more people working from home in record numbers, it’s more important than ever for organisations to optimise their digital, modern workplace. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork to keep your employees engaged, regardless of location.

How can you ensure that you make it easy for your organisation to maximise Microsoft Teams and minimise content sprawl? What type of information is being stored in them (and is it backed up)? What will happen to these teams once it’s not being used anymore?

Join this webinar and we will walk you through relevant tips to accelerate Microsoft Teams success for remote work.

Metropolitan Council of Twin Cities' Story

Accelerate Microsoft Teams Success

"We went live with AvePoint Cloud Governance on Sunday 3/15 via a schedule crash to allow the org to make Teams since the governor of Minnesota closed schools. We have some backlog but the process has been working beautifully. We had a 400% increase in Teams created this week. Overall increase in teams of 20% in one week." - Jeff Godderz, METC, ECM Architect

In this session, you will learn practical strategies and best practices for:

Driving org-wide engagement
Preventing content sprawl from increased usage, so employees can find what they need
Leveraging the entirety of the Office 365 suite, including Microsoft Teams, while still protecting your sensitive content
Tips for getting to the cloud fast if you aren’t there already

Learn first-hand experience from METC on:

Deploying Microsoft Teams in 2 weeks
Exponentially increasing user adoption
Setting up operational governance to avoid sprawl pitfalls due to the current user surge
and more!

Register and master remote work with Office 365 today!

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