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Proactive operational governance is vital to ensure consistent service delivery, administration efficiency, accurate cataloging and demonstrable compliance with regulations.

But how can IT teams ensure their policies are being followed when they have significantly less control over their operations and infrastructure?

Join Microsoft Regional Director and AvePoint CTO John Peluso and H3 Solutions Cloud Services Lead Matt Wade in this interactive webinar as they share practical techniques on how you can implement proactive operational governance in Office 365.

Meet the Experts

John Peluso Headshot

John Peluso

Chief Product Officer, AvePoint

John Peluso has 20 years of experience helping organizations understand how they can drive secure collaboration and business productivity through an effective use of technology, John has held both technical and business management roles – resulting in a deep understanding of the priorities and concerns of both sides of the organization. He has been a leader in helping to shape solutions that drive both productivity and governance in large, complex, and highly regulated organizations. John holds Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer certifications.

Microsoft MVP
Matt Wade Headshot

Matt Wade

Vice President of Client Engagement, H3 Solutions

Matt is an engineer-turned-IT nerd. His career began designing mechanical systems for nuclear reactors for the US Navy. SharePoint 2007 rolled out soon after and he leveraged it to organize design documents, contracts, and drawings dating back decades; for better or worse, a new power user was born. The IT department needed some help, so he led adoption for a few years following, including the user adoption sides of upgrading to SharePoint 2013. Today he consults internationally on Office 365 migration and adoption. He's recently found himself neck deep in AI and bots.