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We are thrilled to announce an exciting summer incentive to boost your sales efforts. AvePoint will reward the top three sellers from July to the end of September with airline gift vouchers of their choice!

To participate, here are the rules:

  • Revenue closed will be based on a points system.
  • An existing item in the forecast can be included as long as it's a net new deal registration not already in the AvePoint committed forecast, It just needs to be closed by September 27th.
  • The reward will be provided in the form of chosen airline vouchers at October 01st
  • Each individual must close at least $15,000 annual contract value (ACV) to qualify.
  • Once qualified, the points system is as follows (initial $15,000 included):
    $5,000 deal: 5x points
    $10,000 deal: 10x points
    $10,000 deal plus: 15x points
  • All numbers are ACV and net AvePoint (minus any and all discounts) and exclude services.


  • A multi-year agreement earns extra 2x points
  • Bundling any other backup source earns extra 5x points (M365 & one other can be Azure, D365, etc).
  • Closing in July or August earns 5x points