Microsoft 365 collaboration and communication are the key components of productivity and productivity is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise.

Getting value from Microsoft 365 for your organisation means optimising in several key areas, including adoption, cost and performance. During this workshop , we will discuss the challenges that many IT and information management teams face during their Microsoft 365 journey. You will learn proven strategies to help you successfully optimise governance, increase your adoption and reduce costs.

Here is a checklist of everything you will learn and discuss on our day together.

  • Product Development

    Part 1 Governance

    Greater standardisation in a cloud environment means rules and policies — ranging from provisioning to information security measures. However, done wrong, can unintentionally expose Microsoft 365 data and workspaces into the wrong hands.

    Learn how to build and right-size governance for your Microsoft 365 workplace:

    • What can be done natively?
    • What are the typical governance requirements organisations add to their governance strategy?
    • When should you consider a 3rd party governance vendor?
  • Product Leaders

    Part 2 Adoption

    How to build and adapt a change and adoption framework to your current and future Microsoft 365 deployment and bring users on the journey with you. The framework is broken down into 3 steps which we will discuss:

    • Vision & engagement
    • Onboarding, reskilling and upskilling
    • Drive value
  • New Technology

    Part 3 Cloud Management & Cost Optimisation

    Optimising cloud costs is a need for many businesses struggling with burdening cloud expenditures.

    This section will aim to help you identify where and how to reduce your cloud costs as well as boost your IT Team’s productivity. We will discuss:

    • Optimise information management to reduce cloud storage
    • Optimise licence management
    • What can be automated to give back time to your IT team

Who attends and why?

The workshop is designed for Microsoft 365 stakeholders such as information management, IT and collaboration / adoption leads. We encourage you to involve members of different teams so there is cross-functional representation. This helps to build shared understandings of all perspectives. It is important to include those who are tasked with keeping Microsoft 365 adoption on track and those who are responsible for ensuring information management and governance standards are met!


September 28, 12:30PM–5:00PM

The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, London EC1M 5AD

Lunch will be served from 12:30 PM.

Steve Smith Headshot

Steve Smith

Vice President EMEA, MaivenPoint

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Yatindra Ranpura

Head of Presales UK, AvePoint