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How the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Mitigated Compliance Risks in Office 365® and Created a Seamless User Experience

Learn how the University of the Sunshine Coast created a seamless user experience for their SharePoint environment using AvePoint Cloud Backup, Cloud Governance and Cloud Management.

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University of the Sunshine Coast

How Antarctica New Zealand Stays Productive with SharePoint and AvePoint DocAve Replicator

Learn how Antarctica New Zealand SharePoint users can compress data, filter data, and replicate business data back and forth between their two offices in New Zealand and Antarctica with AvePoint DocAve Replicator.

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Antarctica New Zealand
  • Platform SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016
  • Solutions Replicator

Bunker Holding Group searched for a reliable and intuitive Office 365 backup tool; Selects AvePoint Cloud Backup

Learn how Bunker Holding Group, one of the world's leading bunkering groups, found an easy and intuitive backup and restore tool for their 829 Office 365 users worldwide.

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Bunker Holding Group

A Major Asian Banking Company Delivers a Collaborative Intranet Experience for 22,000 End Users

Learn how a major Asian banking company maximized user adoption and improved staff engagement with a cloud-based Content Hub.

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Airways New Zealand: Office 365 Compliance Done Right

Learn how Airways New Zealand, New Zealand's air traffic control and navigation service provider, became a prime example of compliance done right thanks to AvePoint solutions.

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The Jane Goodall Institute’s Upgrade and Modernization

Learn how the Jane Goodall Institute improved efficiency and scalability after AvePoint executed a 50 user, 330 GB pilot migration to Office 365.

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City of Adelaide IT Modernisation with Office 365

Learn how the City of Adelaide migrated over 30 GB of data to SharePoint Online in 4 days while providing 24/7 availability to their 800 users anytime, anywhere with AvePoint DocAve Migrator and DocAve Content Manager.

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City of Adelaide

Veidekke ASA Cloud Backup

Learn how Veidekke, the largest Norwegian construction and civil engineering company, gained a backup solution they can rely on, as well as a primary platform for collaboration with AvePoint Cloud Backup.

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How Sitowise Solved Their Office 365, SharePoint Online Backup Challenge

Learn how Sitowise, a Finnish company formed through the merger of the Wise Group and Sito Oy, backed up their data in Office 365 with Cloud Backup and moved into a widely-accessible, document management portal with FileShare Navigator.

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German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Backs up, Migrates Intranet to SharePoint® 2013 with DocAve®

Learn how DKFZ, a German cancer research center fully backed up their data in SharePoint 2007 and migrated their Intranet to SharePoint 2013 successfully with AvePoint DocAve.

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