Learn how AvePoint tyGraph helped a real estate company achieve an 85% engagement rate on their intranet.

Success Highlights


Achieved 85% engagement rate on company intranet by offering resources, news, and information in a centralized one-stop-shop platform


Enhanced intranet user experience


Utilized insights to successfully expand the intranet’s global footprint, resulting in 76% increase in international users

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Customer Location Charleston, United States

Industry Real Estate

Platform Microsoft 365

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Greystar is a leading, fully integrated real estate company that specializes in management, development, and investment disciplines of the rental housing industry on international, regional, and local levels. Supported by a global team of 20,000+ team members, Greystar focuses on providing world-class services to residents, property owners, and investors.

Critical Needs

  • Comprehensive SharePoint analytics (including sites, pages, and files)
  • Advanced analytics and insights to develop and publish more effective content on company intranet
  • Enable content owners access to analytics
  • Improve team member engagement and adoption of company intranet

The Challenge

In 2020, Greystar replaced its self-hosted intranet with a new cloud-based intranet hosted on SharePoint Online. The new platform would provide team members with access to essential resources and tools. To ensure its success, Greystar needed to gather comprehensive analytics to understand how team members used the platform.

Angie Seals, Senior Director, Enterprise Productivity Systems, Greystar, explains, “Our previous intranet lacked analytics, making it impossible to determine if content was being accessed, how team members were accessing it, or if they could even find it. This lack of information made it impossible to know if team members were getting the resources they needed or if the development team was investing time and resources in creating new pages that were not being utilized.”

Native SharePoint reporting capabilities fell short of providing the necessary insights on content accessed, usage patterns, and user behavior. This made it challenging to measure team member enablement or engagement, let alone improve and evolve the intranet to ensure its usefulness to team members.

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tyGraph’s insights are invaluable in helping us make informed decisions to improve team member satisfaction and facilitate company intranet adoption.

Angie Seals
Senior Director, Enterprise Productivity Systems, Greystar

The AvePoint Solution

After considering a few options, Greystar found AvePoint tyGraph to be the best choice for their needs. The purpose-built solution captures a 360-degree view of an organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant and provides advanced analytics and visualizations of user activity, engagement, and sentiment.

With tyGraph, Greystar can understand how team members access and engage with content through key metrics like unique users, page and file views, and even page read percentages, assessing the value of existing content and informing the development of new content.

Angie explains, “Content owners may have a specific vision for their pages, but it may not always align with what is most effective on our intranet. With the help of tyGraph, we can refine this vision to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness.”

Once the content is live, Angie’s team uses tyGraph to track its performance over time, determining what’s popular and what is not and whether additional training or promotion is needed to drive traffic. Angie says, “We can provide content owners with insights into visitor engagement patterns, including spikes in traffic when content is promoted and subsequent drop-offs in the following days.”

tyGraph’s heat-mapping feature is particularly valuable for Greystar, allowing them to quickly visualize high- and low-traffic areas across links and navigation. As Angie explains, “We can now understand the end-user journey through the intranet – how they’re getting there and where they’re going. This directly informs our intranet development. For instance, based on these insights, and we were able to remove 43% of the links from our intranet navigation, making it more streamlined and less cluttered.”

Recently, Angie and her team leveraged tyGraph insights to assist the Enterprise Communications team in developing a new intranet homepage. Using tyGraph, they identified critical tools and resources to feature on the homepage and optimized navigation to ensure easy access to other resources. The result is a better intranet that empowers team members with the tools and resources they need to be effective and efficient in their roles.

In addition to providing invaluable insights and analytics, AvePoint also offers exceptional customer service, which has been critical to Greystar's success in improving its intranet. Angie says, “The team is highly responsive and easy to collaborate with, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. The customer service is top-notch, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction."

tyGraph has enabled Greystar to establish an intranet built on continuous improvements, offering insights that Angie’s team uses to ensure that the intranet is always working for team members. With the help of tyGraph, Greystar can refine its vision for the intranet to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness. Angie notes, "tyGraph's insights are invaluable in helping us make informed decisions to improve team members' satisfaction and facilitate company intranet adoption."

Greystar 02

The Road Ahead

Since its launch in 2020, Greystar's intranet has become a successful global platform; the feedback from team members has been overwhelmingly positive, and Angie and her team credit tyGraph as one of the key factors in the platform's success. With tyGraph's advanced analytics and visualizations, they have been able to gain visibility into team member engagement on the intranet, which has grown consistently each year, surpassing the company's target and reaching a remarkable 85%.

Greystar plans to continue leveraging tyGraph’s insights to drive user adoption, increase team member engagement, and enhance its intranet. Their next major project involves expanding their intranet to include more global resources, and already, tyGraph is demonstrating the impact of these efforts, with a 76% increase in global users accessing the new resources. Angie is thrilled to see the positive influence of the intranet on team members and its effectiveness in facilitating their success in their roles.

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