AvePoint’s Sustainable Adoption and Training services is more than just your run of the mill technical training. Additionally, we provide a ‘business-centric’ perspective that considers the impact of your technology investment to your business and a ‘user-centric’ perspective that focuses on the needs of individuals leveraging your technology investment.

Sustainable Adoption strives to create a climate of on-going change where the organization and its users can continue to evolve their use of the technology solution.

In other words, Sustainable Adoption means users that say ‘this is better than what I had before’ … both at the completion of the technology implementation and beyond.


  • In order to promote sustainable adoption, it is essential to first understand the magnitude of the change that is being introduced. AvePoint's Technology Impact Assessment services will provide your organization with an understanding of the impact your new technology will have on the different groups of people that will use the new technology and the impact it will have on your business activities. It will identify barriers to adoption specific to your organization and ensure the most impactful aspects of the project are the highest priority.

  • Driving sustainable adoption requires a comprehensive plan. This means establishing a strategy and putting together a detailed plan for how to create awareness and positive anticipation towards the new technology, ensuring users are prepared for the upcoming transition, and effectively managing issues during the transition. AvePoint's Sustainable Adoption Planning and Strategy services ensure tight alignment with the technology side of the project, giving consideration to implementation schedules, overlapping roles and responsibilities, and effective resource utilization.

  • Facilitating change starts before the new technology is introduced and continues through every stage of the implementation. AvePoint’s five-pronged approach to facilitating change includes:

    • Building Excitement through gamification and promotion of the new technology.
    • Information Sharing services provide relevant information to the various groups of people impacted by the new technology.
    • Education and Training services ensure each group of people has access to the resources they need to understand how to perform their business activities using the new technology.
    • Support Augmentation services ensure your organization's support systems have sufficient capacity and are ready for the upcoming change so that any questions and issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.
    • System Integration services ensure the new technology is properly integrated into your organization's enterprise technology landscape.
  • To ensure long-term success with a new technology, sustainable adoption efforts must continue after implementation completes. AvePoint's Sustainability Maintenance program establishes the organization-specific metrics needed to measure adoption and establish a sustainability baseline prior to project completion. Under the Sustainability Maintenance program, AvePoint will continue to measure your organization's adoption of the new technology at set intervals after the completion of the project. This information will allow us to evaluate post-project usage against the baseline, providing you with recommendations on how to ensure the on-going value and sustainability of your technology investment.



  • AvePoint’s Training Courses are a cost-effective and convenient way to become an expert in the AvePoint products your organization has deployed. Comprehensive, hands-on, and flexible, AvePoint Training Services programs equip your team with the knowledge to fully leverage your SharePoint infrastructure management tools for success. AvePoint offers both on-site and remote training programs, so you can gain the knowledge you need, in the format and setting your schedule demands.

  • Critical Path Training is dedicated to educating professional developers, designers, IT professionals, and information workers on how to become successful with SharePoint products and Technologies. AvePoint has partnered with Critical Path Training to offer instructor-led SharePoint training classes in first class training facilities across the United States and via private onsite engagements. Critical Path Training extends its reach to many customers across the globe by offering online versions of the most popular SharePoint training classes.

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