Microsoft Teams has helped keep users engaged and productive as they rapidly transition to working from home. This shift is leading to a rapid increase in Teams usage and in the number of Teams being created each day. These virtual workspaces all contain critical business data of varying sensitivity levels, and oversight is critical to long-term success.

With the increase in Teams usage, ask yourself:

  • Are your users overwhelmed with tons of Teams teams? Is Teams really make your squad more productive?
  • Is External sharing enabled on your Teams? Does your data get protected when your teams are collaborating with external parties?
  • Will you still need all these Teams when everyone comes back to the office after circuit breaker ends? How do you safely identify Teams will still be required or not in a long term?
Cloud Governance

Teams Surge Management with AvePoint

AvePoint’s Teams Surge Management is for organisations that need normalized and scalable Teams management – fast.

With our Teams Surge Management offering, you’ll get 2 day free implementation services as well as a three-month license for Cloud Governance. We even configure it for you!

What happens after 3 months?

It's up to you! Your free subscription will end, no additional charges or lock-in contracts. If you'd like to switch over to a long-term commitment, let us know.

*Regional specific offering available to customers in Singapore

Teams Surge Management Offering Overview

2-day Services

2-day Services

  • Free implementation of 3 use cases and AvePoint Cloud Governance
  • Configuration for quick-start
  • Define ready-to-use templates
  • Custom plan to suit your needs
  • Training
3-month Subscription

3-month Subscription

  • Free subscription of AvePoint Cloud Governance
  • Enhanced ownership
  • Simplify Teams oversight and management
  • External enablement
  • Naming convention enforcement
  • Lifecycle management
Future Roadmap

Future Roadmap

  • Insights for future planning
  • On-going assistance
  • Long-term Teams adoption roadmap

3 Typical Use Cases of Teams Usage

During the 2-day implementation services, we will work together with you to address the most commonly and typical use cases that the majority of organisations use Teams for.

Secure external sharing through Teams

Secure external sharing through Teams

Using Teams for Project Management

Using Teams for Project Management

Internal and long-term collaboration for BUs

Internal and long-term collaboration for BUs

Don’t just take our word for it….

Find out why 16,000 customers and 7 million cloud users trust AvePoint in their digital transformation journey.

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