Colin Xie
Colin Xie

Solution Consultant, AvePoint


Grace Zhang
Grace Zhang

Senior Strategic Consultant, AvePoint 


Safely and securely collaborate in Microsoft 365 and Teams

Microsoft 365 is an incredibly powerful platform for boosting productivity and driving collaboration which can even be extended to external workforce outside the organisation as well.

Collaborating in a secured manner has become a bit trickier and more complicated especially for managing guest access and external sharing activities.

The platform provides native security controls which need to be configured in the correct way and also the out-of-the-box functionality is one-size-fits all which does not fulfill specific requirements that an organisation might have.

Join AvePoint’s Colin Xie and Grace Zhang as they discuss how to operationalise Microsoft 365 collaboration with a focus on securing external sharing and guest access in Microsoft 365 and Teams.

There are also essential questions organisations must answer:

How do I enforce external sharing policies for the workspaces?
How do I know which Teams or Groups have guest users and if they have access to confidential documents?
How do I securely share files with external partners for collaboration?
How do I manage guest user permissions once they have been granted access? Can guest users create or delete Teams channels?

Join us to learn how to collaborate securely!

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