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Success Highlights

Instant support of complex issues via on-demand chatbot
Holistic view of all customers’ tenants through multi-tenant management portal
Higher security standards achieved through single sign-on model
Influenced product modifications to meet customer needs
Enterprise-grade data protection and compliance reporting
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Customer Location Auckland, New Zealand

Industry Information Technology

Platform Microsoft 365

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Securecom is a New Zealand-managed and owned Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), providing end-to-end IT services to New Zealand businesses across all industry sectors. Primarily aimed at the mid-market, Securecom aims to take a fresh approach to delivering IT Support Services, improving business outcomes for their customers by partnering with them to lower their IT total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve the experience for their people and stakeholders.

Critical Needs

  • Comprehensive M365 data protection across all workloads
  • Live M365 risk insights
  • White-labeled compliance and governance reporting
  • Access to 24/7 x 365 and local support

The Challenge

Securecom specialises in supporting businesses to scale efficiently and safely through the adoption and utilisation of market-leading cloud solutions as part of a consultative managed service.

Greg Mikkelsen, Sales and Marketing Director at Securecom, explains, “Data protection and management has never been more important. There is a proliferation of data sitting in all sorts of repositories these days. The ease of use – from multiple devices and multiple accounts – makes it hard to understand exactly who is accessing what and when. While cloud collaboration is a massive benefit to organisations, it also creates complexities and risk for business, especially if the correct frameworks and best practices are not in place to ensure collaboration is done securely."

This, paired with the “ubiquitous use of Microsoft 365,” according to Greg, “means that the cloud has become a repository of important company information – often containing important company IP. The data stored there needs to be treated as such. Data really is the hottest 'currency' for organisations and, as we’ve seen recently here in ANZ, data breaches are now a common occurrence.”

With data protection and management a high priority, Securecom needed to find a partner that could provide enterprise-grade solutions in a channel-centric manner that would allow them to provide the best outcome for their customers.

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AvePoint has allowed us to provide top-quality and reliable solutions that have proven to be popular with our customers. Because they are SaaS solutions, they are easily updated and continuously improved, with feature updates all the time, keeping pace with the market and demands of our customers.

Greg Mikkelsen
Sales and Marketing Director, Securecom

The AvePoint Solution

Securecom found the solutions they were looking for with AvePoint. For data protection, Securecom used Cloud Backup, AvePoint’s comprehensive cross-platform, multi-cloud backup and restore solution. Cloud Backup features built-in storage, encryption, flexible pricing plans, and more for M365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Azure, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365.

One of the biggest selling points of Cloud Backup was the unlimited storage and retention. Greg explains, “As the business and our customers continue to grow, it’s hard to forecast their demand, so having unlimited storage and retention allows us sell and support the product with confidence knowing we won’t run out of space or need to buy more.”

Securecom manages the risk of their customers’ cloud-based data with Policies & Insights (PI). PI is designed to analyse risk by proactively monitoring and remediating policy violations in M365. It provides actionable security dashboards to highlight and track exposure (such as anonymous links and external user access) over time.

Receiving near-real-time updates via PI has been a game-changer for Securecom. “If there is an issue, PI sends us an alert classified as high, medium, or low risk. We can also go and see who accessed or shared that data at the user level. This allows us to prioritise based on that risk and act efficiently to remediate when an issue occurs.”

Securecom manages Cloud Backup and Policies & Insights through AvePoint’s multi-tenant management portal, Elements, which offers partners a holistic view of all their customers’ environments, without logging into a specific tenant. This streamlines management for the MSSP, driving efficiencies and unburdening their team.

Overall, Securecom is very happy with AvePoint’s solutions. “AvePoint has allowed us to provide top-quality and reliable solutions that have proven to be popular with our customers. Because they are SaaS solutions, they are continuously improved, with feature updates all the time, keeping pace with the market and demands of our customers.”

Securecom has also been impressed with AvePoint’s 24/7 support. “We’re a 24/7 business, and AvePoint’s support model completely aligns with the service we provide. A lot of businesses are cutting back on local support, but the fact that AvePoint has support here in New Zealand is a critical factor in why we’ve been so successful.”

Of the partnership, Greg says, “We love dealing with AvePoint. They’re a great partner for us. They’ve been critical to our success and part of our growth here in New Zealand.”

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The Road Ahead

When looking for a data protection and management provider, Securecom looked beyond feature sets to the other benefits that were provided. They have found that added value through their partnership with AvePoint.

“I can summarise why AvePoint is such a great partner in three ways: they’re proactive, they listen, and they act,” says Greg. “Recently, we had a need to turn the built-in dashboard into a report, which is increasingly important to our customers from a compliance and governance perspective. AvePoint listened to our need, created a report, and then built it into the overall solution. This is the perfect partnering, and why we partner with AvePoint.”

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