Webinar - Sep 28, 11:00AM

Best Practices For Group and Microsoft Teams Policies in Cloud Governance

In this 30 minute virtual lab, our experts will walk you through the basics of Group and Team policy creation from inactivity thresholds and lease management to recertification and quota thresholds. Ensure you have the right policies in place for every type...

Webinar - Sep 30, 2:00PM

Elevate Your Email and File Migration Approach to Ensure M365 Transformation Success

Discover how to analyze content and structure your source environment to identify potential migration issues before they happen. And when you’re ready to go, be equipped with the right tools to consolidate Office 365 tenants, content in other clouds, or even on-premises...

Webinar - Sep 29, 11:00AM

Which Security Tool When? A Guide To Microsoft Collaboration Security

Learn how Microsoft's suite of identity, data, and workspace security solutions fit together. AvePoint experts will cover common uses and common challenges associated with mastering Microsoft Collaboration Security.


Best Practices For Cloud Governance Questionnaires and Branch Logic

Learn best practices, get practical advice, and sample questionnaires from other organizations to discover how to create questions, branching logic, and forms for different groups of people based on Azure Directory attributes.


5 Ways To Calculate The Value of Microsoft 365 Backup

Our experts will show you 5 key ways to analyze the value of your data, and which data protection approach and vendor are the best fit for your organization.


Managing M365 Licenses and Collaboration To Maximize Your Investment

Learn how to ensure your users have access to the Microsoft 365 services and data they need, and remove the access to the services and data they don’t, at scale to maximize your M365 investment.


Top 20 Microsoft Teams Productivity Hacks

A simple, visual guide on the top Microsoft Teams productivity hacks from Microsoft MVP and RD Christian Buckley.


Partner Program Guide

Learn about and join AvePoint's Global Partner Program tailored to meet the specific needs of today’s diverse partner business models.


Manage All Your Microsoft 365 Workspaces in Teams!

Harness the power and increased productivity of MyHub to group your M365 workspaces together, access the ones you care about the most, and always find what you need.


Virtual Launch Event! NEW AvePoint Global Partner Program

Join us for the launch of the new AvePoint Global Partner Program. Learn everything you need to know about working with AvePoint and understand the new, exciting and profitable partner experience.


How to Create Great Learning Experiences and Optimize Education Administration with Technology

How technology and advanced learning management systems can provide engaging content delivery and effective assessments in a digital format by leveraging Microsoft 365 and third-party solutions.


How To Set Up Your “Restore Admins” In Cloud Backup

In this 30-minute lab we’ll show you how to navigate the Cloud Backup interface to scope region or service specific administrators to JUST have the ability to restore, without giving up access to configuration or data for other scopes.