4 Ways To Secure Your Customers' Collaboration Systems and Drive Value

Learn how to offer AvePoint’s secure collaboration solutions to your customers to drive value, boost demand, and increase your services revenue by offering security and management for Microsoft 365, Teams, Dynamics, Google and Salesforce.

Webinar - Nov 2, 11:00AM

Ransomware: Prevention, Response, and Recovery

Are you prepared for the before, during, and after of a ransomware attack? We'll cover technology, policy, and people best practices so that you aren't caught unprepared.

Webinar - Oct 28, 11:00AM

How Cloud Backup Can Improve The Employee Off-Boarding Process

Learn how leading organizations are using AvePoint Cloud Backup and native Office 365 functionality to protect key workloads such as Exchange and OneDrive.

Webinar - Oct 27, 11:00AM

How To Reduce Office 365 Storage by 80% in 4 Steps

In this 30-minute webinar, we will provide step-by-step guidance for how to prevent data hoarding and implement systemic solutions to help keep costs manageable, boost user productivity, improve knowledge management, and heighten risk mitigation.


How MSPs Can Make Money with Collaboration Security Services for M365

By leveraging and bundling a range of solutions, managed service providers have endless opportunities to protect and empower customers as their needs change — and to ensure long-term income.


Consolidating Cloud Services and Fully Leveraging Microsoft 365

Learn how to cut collaboration costs by consolidating all your organization’s SaaS needs in Microsoft 365.


Best Practices For Group and Microsoft Teams Policies in Cloud Governance

In this 30 minute virtual lab, our experts will walk you through the basics of Group and Team policy creation from inactivity thresholds and lease management to recertification and quota thresholds. Ensure you have the right policies in place for every type...


Elevate Your Email and File Migration Approach to Ensure M365 Transformation Success

Discover how to analyze content and structure your source environment to identify potential migration issues before they happen. And when you’re ready to go, be equipped with the right tools to consolidate Office 365 tenants, content in other clouds, or even on-premises...


Which Security Tool When? A Guide To Microsoft Collaboration Security

Learn how Microsoft's suite of identity, data, and workspace security solutions fit together. AvePoint experts will cover common uses and common challenges associated with mastering Microsoft Collaboration Security.


Best Practices For Cloud Governance Questionnaires and Branch Logic

Learn best practices, get practical advice, and sample questionnaires from other organizations to discover how to create questions, branching logic, and forms for different groups of people based on Azure Directory attributes.


5 Ways To Calculate The Value of Microsoft 365 Backup

Our experts will show you 5 key ways to analyze the value of your data, and which data protection approach and vendor are the best fit for your organization.


Managing M365 Licenses and Collaboration To Maximize Your Investment

Learn how to ensure your users have access to the Microsoft 365 services and data they need, and remove the access to the services and data they don’t, at scale to maximize your M365 investment.