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  • AIIM Industry Watch: Information Governance – Too Important to be Left to Humans

    This research report takes an in-depth look at the scale of Information Governance issues, the drivers to bring it under control, the effectiveness of automated classification, and the impact on risks and costs.

  • Preventing the Next Global Privacy Breach: Best Practices for Data Discovery

    Learn how to make quick and efficient decisions rather than block productivity by empowering your organization – and particularly decision makers – with information about where sensitive data lives and how the business is truly managing data flow across the enterprise.

  • Best Practices: Migration to Office 365

    This white paper is your prescriptive guide to navigating the challenges and best practices for making your move to the Microsoft Office 365. By reading this document, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals to successfully complete a cloud migration.

  • AvePoint leverages Microsoft investments in building out public-sector platforms

    This market insight report details AvePoint's work in government technology as well as it's Innovative Business Solutions.

  • Meeting Compliance Objectives in SharePoint

    Worldwide public sector organizations are subject to a range of privacy and information security requirements. Privacy and information security are major concerns of any public sector agency that handles personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive security information (SSI). A fundamental tenant of almost all compliance programs is the principle that private or sensitive information must be available only to people that have a right to access it and must be protected from those who do not.

  • Implementing an Effective Microsoft SharePoint® Governance Framework for Government Organizations and Agencies

    While governance should be an intrinsic part of Microsoft SharePoint deployment and operation, many agencies still do not have a comprehensive plan. This paper provides an easy to use framework for aligning SharePoint and organizational governance – from planning to implementation and revolving adaption. With best practices guidance, it provides a step-by-step look into each stage of governance planning for both building governance into a fresh SharePoint rollout and integrating into an active environment.

  • Collaborate with Confidence

    Governments at all levels are strapped for funding — and diminishing federal funding isn’t making things any easier for state and local governments. Everywhere you look, terms like ”hiring freeze,” ”employee furlough” and ”budget cutbacks” are in the news. If government leaders are to weather the storm and continue to provide quality services for their constituents, then they will need to find new and different ways to get more from their organizations. Better collaboration is the answer.

  • AIIM Industry Watch: Case Management and Smart Process Applications

    This research report takes an in-depth look at the applicability of smart process applications, the experience of early users, the drivers for improved case management, and the feature sets required of a modern case management system.

  • 451 Research Market Insight: AvePoint Partners on Privacy and Box

    This market insight report details AvePoint's work in privacy as well as its latest news partnering with Box to create DocAve Cloud Connect.

  • AIIM Industry Watch: Automating Information Governance - Assuring Compliance

    This report takes an in-depth look at information governance policies, privacy and records management issues, policy enforcement, and how well technology can set or correct metadata, detect security risks, and enforce deletion policies.