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Solution briefs


  • Transforming Citizen Services Through IT Modernization

    Constituents not only expect to interact with government agencies using the latest digital channels, but they expect those agencies to respond faster than ever before.

    Now government agencies can rise to the challenge and make it easier than ever for those citizens to report issues within their city using social media or their smart phones.

    Those reports can then be automatically routed to the correct department and field response team using proven AI and machine learning technology from Microsoft!

    If you work for a government organization relying on manual processes or legacy/siloed systems citizen communications, case management or incident reporting, you need to read this eBook.

  • Understanding Microsoft Cloud Services and Security

    CollabTalk and the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University researched cybersecurity best practices in the cloud. 

    This report will help you identify the real issues around security within the Microsoft Cloud
    (primarily Office 365 and Azure services) and allow you to better mitigate the risks – and help your organization move to the cloud when ready. Commissioned by AvePoint, Microsoft, Solliance, and Rencore.

  • Public Sector Migration Handbook

    Government agencies, from the local to federal level, have had their cloud migration ambitions challenged by stringent regulations, tightening budgets and mission critical workloads. This eBook provides the answers to these challenges. Whether you’re a government executive, IT professional, or program manager this guide is for you.

  • Digital Transformation Roadmap: Moving To and Living In Office 365

    Digital transformation can revolutionize the way you deliver value to your customers and internal end-users by fully harnessing the power of the cloud. However, this is a journey that can challenge even the most experienced IT departments and business leaders.

    This eBook will help you identify and overcome common barriers and obstacles that arise before, during and after your digital transformation.

  • When to Use and How to Manage Microsoft Teams & Office 365 Groups

    Office 365 and Microsoft Teams makes it easier than ever for end users to create a Group and start collaborating. But what happens to all that valuable data when an end user deletes the Group? This eBook will help Office 365 admins, IT pros and business leaders learn solutions to common management and governance concerns for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

  • Office 365 Backup: Enhance Your Microsoft Office 365 Data Management Strategy

    As organizations grapple with how to productively use such vast amounts of data at their disposal, they also struggle to understand how to best store and protect all that information. This ebook covers how to best approach Office 365 backup as part of a comprehensive and GDPR compliant content and data management strategy.

  • Implementing a Best Practice Approach to Risk-Based Data Protection and Cybersecurity

    In today’s world, a risk-based approach to cybersecurity is necessary to defend against the constant threat of attacks and data breaches. Protecting data is of utmost importance, but doing so successfully can only happen by creating a culture of compliance across the organization. This white paper digs into the ever changing landscape of public sector IT, privacy, and security to recommend a solid foundation for protecting your agency’s most valuable data.

  • Migrate, Manage, Protect – Organizations’ Journey to Productivity & Collaboration in the Cloud

    To gauge organizations’ core challenges when migrating, managing, and protecting cloud-based productivity solutions like Microsoft Office 365, AvePoint surveyed more than 150 IT pros. This report offers information for IT managers looking to migrate and tips for managing cloud solutions.

  • 5 Ways IoT Improves Customer Service and Benefits Your Citizens

    We focus on five specific ways cities around the world are leveraging IoT right now to improve customer service and benefit their citizens.​

  • Best Practices In Information Governance

    Learn how to reduce risk and strengthen your organization’s information security program with the right policies and technology.​