How to Use APIA As Part of Tech Ecosystem For GDPR Compliance

You’ve downloaded APIA, now it’s time to learn best practices for leveraging it and other solutions to make your organization GDPR compliant!


Government Agencies & Compliant Migration: Moving to Office 365 & Hybrid Environments

This webinar will show you how to execute a successful compliant migration, agencies must navigate stringent regulations, complex procurement processes and tightening budgets—all without disrupting mission critical workloads.


Proactive Operational Governance in Office 365

Provisioning, Managing and Expiration of Groups, Teams, SharePoint and More


Get GDPR Compliant Fast

Learn a winning game plan of best practices and solutions for faster, more robust and less manually intensive GDPR compliance.


Get your data “cloud-ready”​

  • What content, customisations, and workflows currently reside within your organisational systems?

Deliver Cloud Success: Drive Business Value with Winning Data Governance & Compliance Strategies

Effective data governance is implemented not only through both education and a standardization of processes, but also through defining relevant policies in the technology you provide to your employees.


Information Governance Wherever Your Data Goes

Your data is one of your greatest assets, but a lack of proper information governance can also cause it to become your greatest liability. To learn a true best practice approach to data protection that still allows you to derive value from...


Automating Privacy Impact Assessments – Innovative Processes for Data Protection

This webinar will go through an example of how an agency currently uses a PIA and discuss how to:

  • Comply with privacy regulations
  • Automate PIAs
  • Report on PIAs for stakeholder review
  • Extend security and vulnerability assessments

SharePoint Online Made Easy: Migrate, Configure, Protect

This informative webcast explores an end-to-end solution from Synnex that combines industry-leading SharePoint Online solutions from AvePoint and ServicePoint365. The solution provides an out-of-the-box approach for SharePoint Online which includes content migration, an intuitive user interface and information architecture, and granular backup...


Strategy to Combat Cybersecurity Threat

Worried about the growing number of cybersecurity concerns in today's world? Learn some best practices to combat cybersecurity threats from AvePoint's Dana Simberkoff.


AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents: Policy-Driven Protection for Office 365​

It seems every day theres a new headline about another data privacy or record keeping violation. So it comes as no surprise that a key part to Microsofts evolution of the Office 365 platform is compliance management.


AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents: How to Win the Office 365 Management Game

The responsibility of ensuring SharePoint runs smoothly falls squarely on your team. As the complexity of your deployment grows across on-premises, hybrid, or Office 365-hosted environments, the tasks will only begin to drop in faster and faster, with no sign of slowing...