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  • Getting the Most Out of Office 365 Social

  • Yammer facilitates every employee to collaborate more, produce faster, and innovate in order to drive business initiatives. One of Microsofts Yammer customers, Engie Energy International will explain how they have successfully rolled out Yammer adoption across the company and what results they have experienced.

    We will conclude the webcast by presenting AvePoint Compliance Guardian a full Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform. The demonstration will share how a single tool can both prevent compliance breaches and provide opportunities for increasing visibility of key information across collaboration platforms including Office 365 and Yammer. We will then provide practical steps to ensure that you achieve adoption of these technologies without increasing risk.

  • Setting up for a successful move to Microsoft Office 365

  • Part one: Migrating to the cloud what does a business need to make it successful?

    More CxOs are acknowledging that the cloud saves companies money but with 60% of companies still running on-premises, what does a business need to do to make use of these technologies? What about coexistence with current line of business systems that cannot move to the cloud? This session will explore the various areas that need to be considered for migrating to a public (Microsoft Office 365), Infrastructure as a Service (Microsoft Azure), or hybrid cloud (other cloud providers) solution based on two customer projects. It will help you decide if the cloud is right for you as well as provide a seven point checklist of considerations.

    Part two: 3 Steps to a Compliant Migration

    Data inventories are a critical but often overlooked part of any migration. Learn why it's essential to understand your data, ascribe value and risk to your content, and "clean house" before migrating to any new system. We'll look at how data sovereignty regulations can influence migrations to the cloud, how to reduce costs associated with migration of legacy content through defensible destruction, and how to leverage classification to highlight prominent information in your new system.

  • 7 Steps to Build an Effective Corporate Compliance Strategy

  • In the modern enterprise, social collaboration platforms and the cloud offer workers new ways to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and communicate better than ever before. However, with more information flowing throughout multiple systems, many organizations face challenges around identifying and protecting sensitive information to comply with external regulations and internal policies. This webinar is designed to help you build an effective corporate compliance strategy based on real-world experience helping organizations throughout Europe secure sensitive data.

    In this session, we'll answer questions including:?

    • How do you identify and classify sensitive data throughout your information systems??
    • How can you proactively protect your digital assets??
    • How can you extend your data protection strategy across multiple platforms and the cloud??
    • What strategies and tools are necessary to implement a successful compliance plan at your organization??
    • How do we discover which information values our organization??
  • Adoption, Adoption, Adoption: SharePoint Survival Guide Pt. 5​

  • Build and they will come, right? Its fair to say we have all learnt that this isnt the case with SharePoint.

    End users today look for the fastest and easiest way to get their jobs done. If SharePoint isnt set up for users to work and share information easily, then they will find ways to get around this productivity bottleneck.

    Many SharePoint admins, IT departments and even IT managers are struggling with adoption challenges, and asking these questions:

    • How can I get my end users to truly adopt and voluntarily use SharePoint?
    • What do I need to do to make SharePoint so simple that my end users wont circumvent the platform and use unauthorised applications to get their job done?
    • Can I securely extend SharePoints functionality to allow sharing with people outside of my domain?

    Sean will focus on the most common adoption and productivity challenges and show you some apps that can help you increase adoption levels instantly.?

  • Automating Services: SharePoint Survival Guide Pt. 4

  • Now its time to make your life easier AUTOMATING the repetitive and time-consuming processes involved with managing your SharePoint deployments.

    Sounds great, right? But what does that mean? How would you like to:

    • Get end users the resources they need quickly by providing clear direction about what services are available and how to use them?
    • Offer an out-of-the-box service catalogue for your users to choose from?
    • Fulfill requests for provisioning, administration, security, content and lifecycle management changes without having to burden IT?
    • Automatically tag, classify, and apply retention policies from the creation of documents to full site collections?

    Blair will show you how AvePoint tools can automate the steps involved in configuring, managing, and enforcing SharePoint governance and compliance policies. In other words, how you can be a force for change and get back to focusing on more strategic, higher-value operations.

  • Enforcing the Rules: SharePoint Survival Guide Pt. 3

  • Now that youve fixed all of your issues, have your SharePoint environment running the way you want it, and are finally on the right path how can you make sure you dont get lost in the SharePoint jungle again?

    Typical questions you might consider:

    • How do I enforce the changes I just made to fix my SharePoint throughout ALL the various stages of deployment?
    • Can I even monitor and detect unauthorized changes to my policies, permissions, and configurations?
    • How can I control every aspect of how SharePoint is managed by my team and end users?
    • Do I have the right resources to prevent losing control again?

    Daryl will showcase how AvePoint tools empowers you with complete control to enforce and prevent policy violations across all of your on-premises, hybrid, or Office 365-hosted deployments.

  • Fixing What’s Broken: SharePoint Survival Guide Pt. 2

  • Now that youve identified the things that are broken within SharePoint, its time for the fun part: fixing it.

    Every administrator asks these questions:

    • How can I start to fix the havoc caused by elevated permissions?
    • How do I clean up deactivated accounts in bulk?
    • Does my site structure still make sense for our current business objectives? When I relocate content, how do I check for broken links?
    • How am I supposed to manage my SharePoint configurations, customizations, and solutions throughout ALL the various stages of deployment?
    • What do I do with redundant, obsolete, trivial files that are causing performance to degrade & search to be slow?

    Ilia will provide you tips for all the fixes you need: to control permissions, restructure and reconfigure your deployment, as well as clean up and optimise storage.

  • Survival Guide for SharePoint - Part 2: Fixing Your SharePoint

  • In the first part of our latest SURVIVAL GUIDE webinar series, we taught you how to assess the state of your SharePoint environment today in order to identify potential problems you may not be aware of.

    Now that youve identified all of your SharePoint issues, its time for the fun part: Fixing SharePoint, whether it is an on-premises, hybrid, or Office 365-hosted deployment.

    Every stressed administrator asks the same questions:

    • How can I start to fix the havoc caused by elevated permissions?
    • Does my site structure still make sense for our current business objectives?
    • How am I supposed to manage my SharePoint configurations, customizations, and solutions throughout ALL the various stages of deployment?
    • What do I do with stale, unused, and unnecessary data that is causing performance to degrade & search to be slow?

    Register now to join AvePoint Sr. Product Manager Shyam Oza at 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 as he shows you how easy it is to control permissions, restructure and reconfigure your deployment, as well as clean up and optimize storage.

    No more hassles, no more chaos. Just a simple guide to SURVIVE.?

  • Assessing for Success: SharePoint Survival Guide Pt. 1

  • SharePoint Survival begins with assessing the state of your environment today in order to identify potential problems of which you may not be aware. Every administrator asks these questions:

    • How do I report on my SharePoint deployment and what goes on within it?
    • What are Microsofts best practices for managing SharePoint? Are we violating them?
    • Can I diagnose any problems with permissions, configurations, and performance?
    • What about risk and compliance? How can I tell if were storing sensitive data in the wrong place and giving access to the wrong people?

    Mathew will show you how easy it is to assess your SharePoint deployment and get a clear picture of areas you may want to fix next

  • Information Governance Inside and Out

  • Information Governance has long been regarded as a key element of SharePoint Governance, but in large enterprises and global organisations its not as easy or as well understood as we may think and thats just from the business perspective, technology solutions to information governance are even more complex than we think!

    This session focuses on what Information Governance really means to large organisations, where the mismatch between information governance theory, organisational compliance and our SharePoint technology platform is and approaches to delivering a pragmatic IG solution across your organisation