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  • AvePoint Compliance Solutions for Privacy

    Protect sensitive information to support privacy compliance by preventing data leaks or breaches, and automating remediation and redaction to quickly resolve privacy violations.

  • AvePoint Compliance Solutions for Operational Security

    Secure sensitive information and establish an effective risk management lifecycle to help organizations proactively mitigate risks of data breach to comply with operational security requirements.

  • AvePoint Compliance Solutions for Oil and Gas

    Maintain tools that enable efficient communication and collaboration internally and externally, while mitigating risk and adhering to regulatory requirements and internal policies.

  • AvePoint Compliance Solutions for Healthcare

    Adhere to regulatory requirements by identifying and securing sensitive patient information, including protected health information (PHI) in unstructured data systems, websites, file shares, and content management applications.

  • AvePoint Compliance Solutions for Financial Services

    Mitigate the risk of customer privacy leaks and ensure compliance with regulated financial legislation including CA SB 1386, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

  • AvePoint Compliance Solutions for Accessibility

    Ensure enterprise-wide IT systems and content are available and accessible to the people who need it in accordance with accessibility compliance regulations, regardless of physical ability.

  • AvePoint Compliance Solutions

    Comply with confidence. Ensure SharePoint content availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

  • AvePoint Compliance Healthcheck Assessment

    Assess a select portion of your SharePoint environment, detecting any areas of concern or risk, and report on compliance infractions and at-risk sites. Develop a best practices approach to subsequently reduce the risk of compliance infractions to support a comprehensive risk management lifecycle.

  • AvePoint ® Cloud Solution for Microsoft ® SharePoint ®

    Organizations worldwide are quickly adopting cloud computing in order to stay ahead of a hyper-competitive business landscape. Learn how DocAve can seamlessly manage your hybrid and all-in cloud environments.

  • AvePoint Cloud Readiness Assessment

    It's not a question of IF you're moving to the cloud – but WHAT you're moving to the cloud. This assessment helps organizations identify sensitive or regulated content and develop a best practices approach to separate regulated and non-regulated content or workloads, and subsequently migrate appropriate content to the cloud.