Setting up a system of continuous compliance in the Microsoft Cloud

Learn how to automate your classification rules to ensure new content is correctly classified and tagged when added to the cloud. Automate the movement of data that is newly created or changed based on its content and classification as well as access...


Data Discovery and ​Classification

Learn how to categorise your digital assets by sensitivity and business impact in order to assess risk.


Essential Governance Best Practices for SharePoint & Office 365 In The A.I. Era

Prevent sensitive documents from being surfaced by Microsoft’s powerful artificial intelligence.


The Top 5 Microsoft Teams Challenges & How To Solve Them

Learn how to implement and configure Microsoft Teams as part of a cohesive digital strategy appropriate for your organization while avoiding the most frequent pitfalls. With AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy.


Practical Tips and Tricks to Drive SharePoint Adoption

As is proven time and time again, implementing the best technology doesn't necessarily mean your project will be successful. New technology means organizational change which means to be successful, the people in the organization need to adopt the new solution you are...


Utilize Office 365 to Improve Employee Performance and Optimize Data Management​

Nearly 40 percent of todays workforce is remote, but that doesnt mean theyre working separately. Office 365 provides todays market leaders and their employees with the tools they need to collaborate across geographic boundaries. Join us at 1PM ET on Thursday, May...


Transitioning your Organisation to SharePoint 2016 and Office 365- SharePoint Online

Learn how your organisation can migrate to a hybrid SharePoint environment gaining access to the best aspects of both cloud and on-premises deployments. You need to understand what type of environment you should deploy, and which path to SharePoint 2016 and Office...


Inside SharePoint 2016 – What Is New and What It Means For You

Whether you're the SharePoint admin, architect, Chief Technical Officer, or do-it-all, our experts in migration, architecture, compliance, and administration are covering how SharePoint 2016 is upgrading the way you work.


AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents: Optimising Your Office 365 Migration​​

Like the toughest games from the golden age of the arcade, your Office 365 migration will come storming at you with unique challenges that rapidly increase in difficulty as you progress to each stage.

Resource Kit


Access the free AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment tool along with a GDPR resource kit including benchmark surveys, blog posts, original research and more.


Light Up Your File Systems, Secure Dark Data, and Prepare for the Future​

If you work in the IT Department, you need answers to the following questions:

  • Who has explicit or inherited permissions to specific shares, folders, and files?
  • What files are stale, duplicates, or disproportionately impact capacity and can be deleted...

Office 365 Backup: Enhance Your Microsoft Office 365 Data Management Strategy

As organizations grapple with how to productively use such vast amounts of data at their disposal, they also struggle to understand how to best store and protect all that information. This ebook covers how to best approach Office 365 backup as part...