Resource Kit


Access the free AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment tool along with a GDPR resource kit including benchmark surveys, blog posts, original research and more.


Office 365 Backup: Enhance Your Microsoft Office 365 Data Management Strategy

As organizations grapple with how to productively use such vast amounts of data at their disposal, they also struggle to understand how to best store and protect all that information. This ebook covers how to best approach Office 365 backup as part...


Get your data “cloud-ready”​

  • What content, customisations, and workflows currently reside within your organisational systems?

How to Use APIA As Part of Tech Ecosystem For GDPR Compliance

You’ve downloaded APIA, now it’s time to learn best practices for leveraging it and other solutions to make your organization GDPR compliant!


Government Agencies & Compliant Migration: Moving to Office 365 & Hybrid Environments

This webinar will show you how to execute a successful compliant migration, agencies must navigate stringent regulations, complex procurement processes and tightening budgets—all without disrupting mission critical workloads.


Improving Field and Firstline Employee Collaboration With Office 365 & Kaizala

Many firstline workers can feel disconnected, underinformed and disengaged from the rest of the company. This webinar will cover best practices for implementing and training frontline employees on Office 365 solutions relevant to their day-to-day work.


SharePoint and Office 365 Automation II: Using and Migrating Nintex Workflows

Best practices for creating, using and migrating Nintex workflows. Want to know more? Register for our on-demand webinar today!


How to meet your migration project goals with AvePoint Migration Services

A SharePoint migration whether its from a previous version of the platform or an entirely different legacy system can be a time-consuming project. This is compounded even more when moving significant amounts of data to Office 365 SharePoint Online.


Digitising Resident Services in Local Government​

Expert speakers from Microsoft and AvePoint explore the present-day challenge of delivering citizen-facing services in the face of austerity measures, cost cutting and changes in citizen expectations.


Getting a grip on shadow IT in the age of self-service technology

With the increase in cloud computing and easy-to-use file sharing systems in the workplace, it's become increasingly difficult for IT departments to keep track and maintain a secure environment. Join John Peluso, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at AvePoint, as he...


Digital First World: Data Sovereignty and Privacy in the Cloud

Join our panel of AvePoint experts, led by Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, to discuss data sovereignty and privacy in the cloud. With many factors to be taken into consideration, our panel offers tips and advice to help understand the...


Setting up for a successful move to Microsoft Office 365 Part two

Data inventories are a critical but often overlooked part of any migration. Learn why it's essential to understand your data, ascribe value and risk to your content, and "clean house" before migrating to any new system.