Webinar - March 28, 11:00AM

Webinar: Microsoft Teams Etiquette & Everyday Best Practices

Maximize Your Organization’s Experience on Microsoft Teams

Webinar - March 27, 11:00AM

6 Expert Microsoft Teams Adoption Strategies THAT WORK

Learn the strategies organizations need to ensure a seamless adoption on Microsoft Teams


How Microsoft Upgraded 200,000 Users from Skype to Microsoft Teams (And You Can Too!)

It’s easier said than done. Learn best practices from our experiences.


Knowledge is Power: DocAve Report Center Saves Time & Money

Learn how DocAve Report Center gives you the business insights to better prepare you for your cloud journey.


Optimize Migration to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Learn how to optimize your migration to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business courtesy of AvePoint's John Peluso. From challenges to methodology to post-migration steps, the folks at AvePoint have you covered!


Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

This eBook will help you identify and overcome common barriers and obstacles that arise before, during and after your digital transformation.


What Should I Use, and When? Teams? Groups? SharePoint? Yammer?

Unsure of when to use your myriad collaboration platforms and tools? Let AvePoint CMO Dux Raymond Sy and Blair Hainsworth, Director of AvePoint Client Services, show you the ropes on when to use SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Office 365 Groups and more!


Transform your digital workplace with SharePoint and Office 365

Whether you use SharePoint as a document management system, an intranet, or for project management, you are probably looking to offer a digital workplace that allows employees to be more collaborative, agile, and productive. However, these business priorities must be balanced with...


Practical Tips and Tricks to Drive SharePoint Adoption

As is proven time and time again, implementing the best technology doesn't necessarily mean your project will be successful. New technology means organizational change which means to be successful, the people in the organization need to adopt the new solution you are...


Utilize Office 365 to Improve Employee Performance and Optimize Data Management​

Nearly 40 percent of todays workforce is remote, but that doesnt mean theyre working separately. Office 365 provides todays market leaders and their employees with the tools they need to collaborate across geographic boundaries. Join us at 1PM ET on Thursday, May...


SharePoint and Office 365 Automation II: Using and Migrating Nintex Workflows

Best practices for creating, using and migrating Nintex workflows. Want to know more? Register for our on-demand webinar today!


Adoption, Adoption, Adoption: SharePoint Survival Guide Pt. 5​

This webinar will focus on the most common SharePoint 2016 adoption and productivity challenges and show you some apps that can help you increase adoption levels instantly.