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A 99.9% SLA means you’re protected from power outages, natural disasters, and service disruptions. But can it protect you from you?

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Project Online provides full-fidelity backup and recovery – from individual items to entire sites. We run backups up to four times a day to ensure your data is secure. Recover anytime you want without having to pick up the phone and schedule restore windows.


  • Robust Data Protection with Automated Backups – Your Project Online content is protected from the moment you activate the product. The backup process starts automatically and runs every 6 hours (up to four times a day).
  • Anytime Access to Granular Content Granular – Restore an entire project site collection, site, list, library, task, report, document, or even document versions with metadata, workflow state, and permissions fully maintained. Quickly specify the content you want to restore based on properties.
  • Secure Storage on Your Terms – We securely store your Project Online backup data in scalable Microsoft Azure Storage. For an added layer of security, bring your own Azure Key Vault encryption key. We retain your data for the life of your contract – so you can meet SLAs with ease. Don’t want to? That’s fine! Store backups in your cloud or data center with a vendor of your choice – including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and any data destination accessible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • Out-of-Place or Offline Restore – Have things moved around? Restore sites and content in minutes to their original location or to any other site of your choice. Need to access data immediately or maintain an offline copy? You can export and restore content directly to your own file system.


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