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The Office 365 Groups Playbook

Microsoft and AvePoint

What are Office 365 Groups and how do they help?

Christophe Fiessinger, from the Office 365 Groups Team, and MVP Dux Raymond Sy answer all of your Office 365 Groups questions during a live Q&A.

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Blog Series:
Microsoft Cloud Experts

Everything you need to know about Office 365 Groups

Dive into Office 365 Groups with thought leadership, technical how-to’s, and strategic best practice articles from Microsoft MVPs and industry experts.

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AvePoint Solutions

Office 365 Groups Best Practices and Solutions

Learn what to consider when activating Office 365 Groups, and how to stay in control without interrupting your users from getting their work done.

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The Office 365 Groups Blog Series

Understand the ins and outs of Office 365 Groups, and find solutions to help you manage them.

  • Managing Office 365 Groups with Governance Automation Online
  • Backup and Restore Office 365 Groups with DocAve Online
  • What are Office 365 Groups? (Coming Soon)
  • How to Manage Office 365 Groups Natively (Coming Soon)
  • How to Use Office 365 Groups (Coming Soon)
  • Ask an Admin: What is Office 365 Groups Administration Like? (Coming Soon)
  • When Should You Use an Office 365 Group? (Coming Soon)
  • Does Your Project Need an Office 365 Group? (Coming Soon)
  • Office 365 Groups: Frequently Asked Questions (Coming Soon)
  • Governance Considerations for Office 365 Groups (Coming Soon)
  • Office 365 Groups and Azure Active Directory: Benefits and Considerations (Coming Soon)
  • What Makes Office 365 Groups Different from Existing Apps? (Coming Soon)
  • Governing Office 365 Groups: Frequently Asked Questions (Coming Soon)
  • How to Get the Most from Office 365 using Office 365 Groups (Coming Soon)

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