Sharing Minds

Sharing Minds is a Microsoft Gold Partner providing SharePoint and Office 365 consulting and business productivity services, since 2008. We partner closely with our clients to understand what they really need, tailoring individual solutions for individual businesses.

Sharing Minds has worked with many different businesses over the years, in many industry sectors, and in each case our approach is to understand the 'Why?' of the project. In short, our solutions are designed to wrap around and underpin your business process, not the other way around. This generates a solution outcome that is stronger, more accepted and has higher user engagement and organisation acceptance.

The Sharing Minds team are recognised as thought leaders in using Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint as a platform for business transformation. We maintain a forward-thinking professional culture that attracts the best consultants, and we go well beyond the technology with a firm belief that it ultimately comprises only a small portion of the drivers for success in information management scenarios.

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