Let’s Get Delegating

“Restore Admins” are a concept that organizations have successfully deployed in Cloud Backup to both improve the backup/recovery SLA and lower the burden on global administrators.

In this 30-minute lab we’ll show you how to navigate the Cloud Backup interface to scope region or service specific administrators to JUST have the ability to restore, without giving up access to configuration or data for other scopes.

We’ll also throw in a bonus lightning round where we’ll demonstrate how to set up delegated administration across the entire AvePoint SaaS suite (in the AvePoint Online Services platform).

We will quickly discuss some common use cases such as:

Policies and Insights

Allow people to consume insights without being able to configure sensitivity levels.

Cloud Governance and Cloud Management

Assign business users and filter the tools and actions they have access to.

Ron Delaney
Ron Delaney

Training and Development Manager, AvePoint


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