Power Platform adoption grew 72 percent from 2021 to 2022, becoming a $2 billion business in the process. Organisations such as Rabobank have selected Power Platform to modernise legacy applications, migrate them to the cloud, and streamline internal processes.

While the benefits of Power Platform might be clear, there are some red flags in terms of risk, governance and unchecked application proliferation. Resulting in IT departments that are grappling with how to manage sprawl, compliance issues, and shadow IT.

Join us in this workshop in to find out how you can manage and govern Power Platform with insights to understand trends, business context for every app and flow, and actionable monitoring capabilities, all while creating a complete lifecycle management process to help you maintain control of what users are creating and using.

Here's an overview of the day:

Jeff Angama, Solution Engineer AvePoint & MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional)

Power Platform in General

  • What are the benefits of a no code / low code platform and how does it support an Enterprise organization
  • Which strategy and tools enterprise use to get the value from the Power Platform
  • What is the near-term roadmap for Power Platform?
  • What challenges do companies face with using Power Platform?
  • Share a customer success story

Coffee Break

Roche Mahomedradja, Director Technical Enablement AvePoint
Power Platform Challenges and Risks

  • Discussion - On challenges they see today
  • Discussion - How will power platform support your business in the future?

Coby Liang, CTO EMEA AvePoint

Power Platform with AvePoint and Free assessment

  • What value does AvePoint bring to Power Platform
  • How can we give you more insights - Free assessment for attendees
  • Customer story with AvePoint



The Hague, the Netherlands

juni 22, 9:30A.M.–1:30P.M.

AvePoint Netherlands | New Babylon Gardens | Anna van Buerenplein 41, 2595 BG Den Haag, Netherlands