Right Tools, Right Job

With the transition to a cloud-first technology approach, faster development cycles could be leaving your users in the dust. With constant updates and new features, we’re making room for confusion, and creating ample opportunity to lose users along the way. Losing end users—with failure to adopt your technology investments—means you’ll never derive the necessary ROI from Office 365 and SharePoint.

So how do we help users embrace our technology? How do we avoid analysis paralysis when presented with a buffet of continuously evolving capabilities—so that our technology spend doesn’t go to waste?

Sustainable Adoption Illustration

Map Technology to Business Needs

Many tools can do the job—so focus on your business first, and what problems or processes can benefit the most from technology.

Guide Users to Desired Behavior

Make it easy for users to request what they need, and axe long lists of options. Take advantage of engrained habits, to avoid disruption when possible.

Monitor Progress, Correct as you go

Track user behavior to identify adoption progress, and validate behavior against plans and expectations.

Ss Sustainable Adoption

Enabling Sustainable Adoption with Technology

AvePoint solutions set you up for success—our aim is to guide users towards desired behavior with minimal intervention, to make it easy for users to get the tools they need.

What to use…when

Tailor what options and technology are available to users based on their role, purpose, or location.

A one-stop shop

Give users a single place to find, access, and request resources. Break down data silos, and minimize searching and re-work.


Digitize and aggregate previously paper-based or siloed meeting information.

Curate success

Enable controlled release or roll-out of new Office 365 or SharePoint features to closely monitor and optimize user satisfaction.

Adoption durable Products

Cloud Governance

Appliquez une stratégie de gouvernance Office 365 extensible qui permet aux utilisateurs d’adapter aisément ses environnements SharePoint Online au fur et à mesure de l’adoption du cloud par votre organisation.

Governance Automation

Automatisez la gestion du cycle de vie du contenu dans SharePoint et Office 365, allant du provisioning à l’archivage, jusqu’aux étapes intermédiaires.


Collaborez efficacement en apportant de l’ordre et de l’organisation à vos réunions grâce à notre interface simplifiée.

Office Connect

Partagez et enregistrez le contenu dans SharePoint et Office 365 depuis les applications de bureau, Outlook et Office.