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IT Administrators have a broad role which often comes with a lot of redundant and clicky tasks. Even changing permission settings for a single user can bring a lot of manual work.

DocAve Administrator is a solution that really mitigates a ton of these tasks by managing permissions, settings, and configurations in batch through a single pane of glass while also adding policy enforcement functionality.

Manage Permissions
Report on who has access to what at every level down to every document in SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 Groups & Teams. Manage these permissions in batch by cloning permissions, adding temporary permissions, automatically cleaning dead accounts, and more.

Manage Settings
DocAve Administrator enables a GUI which allows changing settings, enabling features, and reporting on broken links & web parts. These capabilities are accessible through a centralized location.

Build & Enforce Policies
Make the enforcement of company usage policies for Sharepoint and Office 365 a reality. This feature allows for implementation of over 50 policy controls that can prevent or revert actions that users take which violate your policies. A few of these actions include permission, themes, and versioning changes and enabling the control of permissions inheritance for scopes.

  • Frequent Questions Answered

    • What are the typical use cases?

    • How do I implement policy controls?

    • How do I clone permissions?

    • Can I apply temporary permissions to a full group?

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Peter Romaine Headshot

Peter Romaine

Strategic Consultant Manager

Peter Romaine is a Strategic Consultant Manager who has over 7 years of experience at AvePoint. He also has 7 years of IT Administrator experience prior to joining AvePoint.