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Automatically enforce up to 50+ policy controls in SharePoint!

Ready to learn how to enforce policies across your on-prem SharePoint environment? Join Peter Romaine as he walks you through the interface of AvePoint's DocAve Administrator and exactly how to implement policy controls with a choice of over 50 presets.

The actions that you can choose to prevent include; permissions changes, changing themes & version settings, enabling the control of permissions inheritance for scopes, and more.

Additionally, you can also receive notifications around how users are interacting with the environment. Do this without having to apply strict controls – enabling a level of governance without hampering how end users are interacting with the environment.

  • GroupHub

    Permission Changes

  • Doc Gear

    Version Settings

  • Hybrid Administrator

    Permission Inheritance of scopes

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I implement a Policy Control?

    • What are the most popular Policy Enforcer presets?

    • Why should this be a concern for any company?

Meet the Expert

Peter Romaine Headshot

Peter Romaine

Strategic Consultant Manager

Peter Romaine is a Strategic Consultant Manager who has over 7 years of experience at AvePoint. He also has 7 years of IT Administrator experience prior to joining AvePoint.