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Ready to learn Office 365 governance best practices? Watch Jeffrey Thai walk you through the core features of Cloud Governance as well as brand new functionality! Get a comprehensive understanding of why governance is becoming more of a necessity, especially for Office 365 Groups.

AvePoint continuously steps back to analyze our solutions to look for any missing gaps. Traditionally, Cloud Governance would automatically force a user to comply with internal policies before requesting a site, group, etc.

With a new feature 'Automatic Import', you will now have the capability to choose to leave the native self-service options turn on. Cloud Governance will then automatically chase the requesting user and require him/her to formally accept ownership and supply any additional governance details.

This new functionality allows your users to interact with Office 365 unhindered while still automatically applying rules to be in compliance.

In addition to receiving a comprehensive understanding of governance best practices and Cloud Governance features, Jeffrey will walk you through exactly how to apply this to your internal Office 365 Groups.

  • • Create a Policy

    • Enforce Permissions

    • Prevent Sprawl

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What features can I control within a policy?

    • What happens when a user creates a group that is not in compliance with our policies?

    • How do I keep tracking of user activity?

    •What does Cloud Governance offer that native functionality doesn't?

Meet the Expert

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Jeffrey Thai

Solutions Architect

Jeffrey Thai is a Solutions Architect at AvePoint with over 10 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies, primarily SharePoint. He has led numerous successful projects for companies of all sizes to migrate to SharePoint as well as to implement governance and compliance solutions for their SharePoint farms. Jeff holds several Microsoft certifications including the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for SharePoint and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate for O365 and Windows Server 2012.