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Office 365 and SharePoint migration projects are like camping.

If you set out without adequate preparation and a good map, no matter what tools you are using, you are going to end up lost in the woods.

Even the most sophisticated IT departments can make seemingly innocuous moves that will create major compliance, governance, and productivity issues in their new environment.

We’ve migrated more than 2,000 organizations and will show you how to use your migration as an opportunity to increase compliance AND your users’ productivity.

With plenty of time for questions, we will tackle yourspecific migration challenges. All registrants will also receive our migration checklist. Register today!

  • Our speakers will discuss:
    • - Planning, budgeting and creating your team
    • - How to access and leverage free migration assessment tools from Microsoft and AvePoint
    • - When to use what migration option like evergreen deployments, Microsoft's migration tool, third party tools, end-to-end, migration services
    • - Considerations for tenant-to-tenant migrations
    • - Solving post migration issues before they occur
    • - And more!

Meet the Experts

Microsoft MVP
Stephanie Donahue Headshot

Stephanie Donahue

COO, Modern Work Strategist for PAIT Group

With almost 20 years of experience in the IT Sector, Stephanie is a leader, an innovator, and skilled problem solver. She has a passion for technology and innovation that led her to co-found the PAIT Group. Stephanie believes that technology can minimize risk and maximize business growth and potential.

Mary Leigh Mackie Headshot

Mary Leigh Mackie

Chief Marketing Officer, AvePoint

Mary Leigh is Chief Marketing Officer, and works directly with AvePoint’s research & development team in the design and implementation of new SharePoint infrastructure management products and solutions. She has been actively engaged in the SharePoint space for several years, working with many Fortune 500 companies and government organizations to develop successful SharePoint management and protection strategies. Born and raised in Oxford, Mississippi, Mary Leigh received her engineering degree from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, in New York City.