John Peluso
John Peluso

Chief Product Officer, AvePoint


Jay Leask
Jay Leask

Director, Strategic Accounts and Solutions, AvePoint Public Sector


What's new in AvePoint's expanded FedRAMP environment

All organizations in the U.S. Public Sector have been moving towards a “Cloud Smart” strategy since 2017 but accelerating the adoption of cloud-based solutions is still a challenge in 2022. Not only from a security and compliance view, but also creating a sustainable model that allows an organization to easily change as technology does.

To support this cloud smart operating model AvePoint received FedRAMP (moderate) Authorization in 2021, and continues to add meaningful solutions to its FedRAMP (moderate) Authorized application in 2022.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • What the future requires from U.S. Public Sector organizations
  • Why FedRAMP?
  • New solutions in AvePoint Online Services for US Government to help you Collaborate with Confidence

We'll discuss FedRAMP certified solutions for:

Control: SasSOps solutions
Productivity: End-user solutions
Resilient: Multi-SaaS Backup-as-a-Service
Fidelity: Transformation thru migration

Register today to learn how AvePoint FedRAMP (moderate) Authorized solutions create a cloud smart operating model!

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