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Every agency does it every day... "collaboration".

Every day our people share information, schedule meetings, schedule and track tasks, create and share documents – it’s part of the daily work of pursuing your mission. But there's a great chance that the way you do this work and the tools you use haven't changed in years.

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams into the Office 365 GCC environment, it's a great opportunity to explore ways to modernize your collaboration while still leveraging many of the same tools your users are already familiar with.

  • This webinar will cover:

    What is a Team?

    When to use Teams vs. email, SharePoint and other systems

    Teams creation and life-cycle management

    Best practices for managing Microsoft Teams

Meet the Experts

John Peluso Headshot

John Peluso

Chief Product Officer, AvePoint

John Peluso has 20 years of experience helping organizations understand how they can drive secure collaboration and business productivity through an effective use of technology, John has held both technical and business management roles – resulting in a deep understanding of the priorities and concerns of both sides of the organization. He has been a leader in helping to shape solutions that drive both productivity and governance in large, complex, and highly regulated organizations. John holds Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer certifications.

David Rosenthal Headshot

David Rosenthal

Senior PM, Microsoft

David Rosenthal is the Senior PM in Microsoft Teams engineering responsible for Teams in all Government clouds. He was formerly the world’s first Microsoft Teams MVP while working in internal IT for a very large Microsoft consulting firm, helping to bring Microsoft Teams to 10K+ employees spread around the world.